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Alpha 1, Alpha 2, and lots of legal stuff

, posted: 18-Sep-2006 14:09

We have had our first alpha of our site live for a few weeks now (top secret location sorry!), and that was quite a milestone for us... more pshychologically than technically as it marked a definite major step to getting closer to market / public availability. The first alpha had a number of bugs and design issues which we were aware of, but we had to put a line in the sand.  Site has some groovy AJAX stuff already, with more to come.

Since then, we have done some major reworking on some of the internals of the application, and applied the first basic cut of some of the design elements we intend to use in the site (thanks Sal!).  A bit of testing this week, a bit more dev, and we hope to roll out alpha 2 at the end of the week (you guessed it... still top secret location!!).

Site's looking good I must admit!  We've got Ben Nolan (of ZoomIn fame) working with us on some aspects of the site.  We are also lucky enough to work in the same office space as the ProjectX / Zoomin guys which is great for bouncing ideas and getting a bit of guidance from time to time on Rails related stuff. 

Been also working lots with lawyers, accountants, investment brokers, investors, and other "advisors" on getting things like shareholders agreements and company constitutions drafted up so that it's fair on all of us (with our mix of time & money investment) and investor friendly when that time comes along (thanks Leti!).  We have a founding shareholding group, and have already got a number of smaller seed investors (friends, family, etc) offerring to invest in the venture, so we have to have a good legal framework and set of agreements to allow this in a win-win way. 

I highly recommend getting in touch with EDANZ / NZTE about the Escalator programme. Because of them, we have had the opportunity to work with David Caselli from iGrow about a number of these issues.  Now off to Morrison Kent lawyers to get it put into legalese!!

Am dealing with a supplier organisation to help me tie up some useful deals that will allow us to add some useful extra services to the site, and I'm looking forward to spending ltos of time with lawyers over the next couple of months (or more) sorting out specific legal guidelines / frameworks / contracts to work in with our site/service.

We will start blogging about what we are doing shortly, and will be inviting people to express an interest in participating in our first private beta. 

More soon ;-)

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