Web Venture 101

Ok, here's a wee preview of Hire Things. Ever lend, borrow, or hire anything?

, posted: 9-Oct-2006 16:37

Our new venture, Hire Things, is about to go into Beta 1, so I guess it's about time I give you a peek into what we are doing.  You can see a bit about it at http://www.hirethings.co.nz/.

You can sign up there to be part of the beta & tell us what you think!


UPDATE: Dec 2006 - The New Zealand version of the hiring and lending marketplace, Hire Things, has gone into public beta. Check it out.

More information

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ptorrsmith's profile

Peter Torr Smith
New Zealand

I've been working on a web venture idea for the last year or so, so have now resigned from my job to go at it full-time.

Here's how I go, with business and technology challenges!!