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Hire Things live now for a month! Check it out.

, posted: 30-Jan-2007 18:12

Just a note to let you know that our new web venture, Hire Things, has gone live (public beta) for New Zealand (see here for the rest of the world).  You can
  • list things you want to hire, rent, or lend out
  • keep track of things you lend out (so you get them back!), and
  • find and book online things you can use - be it to hire or borrow.

The site is built using Ruby on Rails (now on version 1.2) and runs over MySQL 5.1.

It's early days for us, so your feedback is needed so we can improve the site... so have a look around, sign up, and put some things out there you'll lend or hire out.  And next time you lend a book or DVD to someone, use Let Use It to keep track of it so both you and them don't forget where it is!

If you have a blog, I would really appreciate you blogging about Let Use It, and putting links not only to the home page of latest listings of things for hire or to borrow, but also into categories or items that you think are interesting (eg the consumer electronics category, the GPS category, or this jukebox karaoke system).  Having these external links to the site, and more importantly, into various parts of the site, really help our google ranking.

Also, if you already hire/rent anything out, or know people, groups, business that do, please tell them about Let Use It.  It's free to list things, and we only plan to take a small (1% - 5%) comission on any bookings taken through the site (though we won't be introducing this till much later this year, and even then will probably discount it heavily for the early adopters).

If you are interested in Ruby on Rails, there are a number of relevant ruby on rails books you can borrow listed in the computer books section of the site. 



More information

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 30-Jan-2007 21:32

This is kinda cool, if successful, I can "hire" or "borrow" mobile phones and stuff, then test before I commit.... Hmm... other uses also spring to mind.

Iv'e often thought companies should allow users to "hire" stuff out on trial  for a small fee and then if they wish to buy, the "hirage" charge is wiped off. I've bought many a dud and had no recourse.

Comment by Hamish MacEwan, on 1-Feb-2007 08:25

Hi, I'm getting inexplicable errors on registration complaining: Hamish.MacEwan+LetUseIt@GoogleMail.com and even: Hamish.MacEwan@GoogleMail.com are: 1 error prohibited this member from being saved There were problems with the following fields: * Email is invalid What's up? Hamish.

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