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Rails books, and Pretty URLs in Ruby on Rails for listings

, posted: 31-Jan-2007 20:30

For those of you interested in Ruby on Rails, the opensource web development framework we use to build Hire Things, the Wellington Ruby on Rails user group (WellRailed) is a good place to start. The WellRailed group also has a number of Ruby on Rails books which you can borrow to help get you up to speed. For the geeks out there (oh yeah, that's most of us Wink), you'll notice the "pretty URLs" we have used to allow listing of items for hire or borrow for any user... http://www.hirethings.co.nz/wellrailed.

PS: My listings are at http://www.hirethings.co.nz/ptorrsmith  Where's yours?

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Peter Torr Smith
New Zealand

I've been working on a web venture idea for the last year or so, so have now resigned from my job to go at it full-time.

Here's how I go, with business and technology challenges!!