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Read-only database in SQLExpress

, posted: 18-Apr-2006 13:55

If my database in app_data is not checked out (ie it is read-only) when SSE attaches the database, it will stay as read-only (from a DB perspective) even if you check it out.

You need to detach the DB from SSE and start again.

Luckily I use SQL Server Management Studio which shows the currently attached DBs (connect to .\SQLExpress), and allows me to adjust the DB properties (under Options) and set the "Database Read-Only" attribute to False.

If you don't use SQL Server Management Studio, you can do this with SQL Server Express Utility (SSEUtil.exe), available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/data/downloads/tools/default.aspx

Comment by Mike D, on 9-Oct-2007 04:01

You can use sqlcmd which i think is built into sql express, the below script will switch off the read only status. sqlcmd -U sa -P PASSWORD -S .\SQLExpress -Q "alter database DATABASENAME set read_write" Soz in advance if i am barking up the wrong tree.

Comment by radu, on 8-Jan-2009 13:53

you just saved me allot of headache. thanks

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