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Possible change of development platforms

, posted: 4-Jun-2006 13:32

I have built the initial prototype of the application in ASP.Net 2.0, which has been good and frustrating at the same time.

Along with a colleague, we are now upskilling ourselves on development with Ruby on Rails (from Agile Wed Development with Rails 2nd Edition Beta) and will then rebuild what I have done in the prototype using Rails.  This will allow us to evaluate the pros/cons of each platform for our venture.

SQL Server licencing, better application structure/pattern guidance, as well as developer productivity are the main drivers, and the ease of AJAXification is also of interest.

Watch this space!

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Peter Torr Smith
New Zealand

I've been working on a web venture idea for the last year or so, so have now resigned from my job to go at it full-time.

Here's how I go, with business and technology challenges!!