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RadRails on windows - ctrl+tab to switch views

, posted: 5-Jun-2006 11:01

I'm currently using RadRails (an a command shell/prompt) for my rails development.

One thing I found annoying was the non-standard window switching, which was something like ctrl+f6.  The standard in windows apps (and in Visual Studio, where I'm used to working) is ctrl+tab.  I also find ctrl+tab is easier as it's a single (left) hand command, whereas ctrl+f6 demanded both hands.

RadRails allows you to re-map the keys used for commands by going to Windows | Preferences... then go to General | Keys and navigate down into the Windows category, select Next Editor, and select the Edit button.

In the Modify tab/window you're best to remove the existing key sequence, and then add the Ctrl+Tab sequence in (delete Ctrl+F6 and then hit the ctrl key and the tab key together, then click Add.


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