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5 Untold Truths of Software: Why Don't Features Lift Your Business?

If we compare the way companies worked 20 years ago with the modern business world, we could easily see how software has shaped today’s enterprise growth and rapid advancement. Software has become a critical component of how companies operate, communicate and sell their products and services globally.

However, the majority of organizations reported by academic literature and trade press had mixed success when it comes to naming direct benefits from software and IT efforts. Projects may be on-time and within budget and still deliver no business outcomes. Even when companies become aware their software investments don’t provide added value, most don’t try to understand where lines of code have failed. Instead, they lower expectations and consider software an expense that should be reduced, not an investment to be optimized.

But in today’s highly technological environment, do businesses have the luxury to reduce software efforts? Why is the added value of IT investments so hard to pinpoint? Are most enterprise software projects really “designed to fail”? The present whitepaper attempts to answer these questions, helping organizations and leaders find the right balance in a software-dominated world. The paper also tackles the reasons why any software-centric approach comes with serious constraints for enterprises.

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A Guide to Google Tools, Tips & Tricks You Can't Live Without

This comprehensive guide of tips, tricks and hacks will help you make better use of the Google services you use.

Whether you’re a student, educator, executive or a scientist, Google offers online services and products that help everyone remain as productive as possible.

There are many Google services that have come and gone through the years, but a few of them like Gmail, Google Drive and of course Google Search — stay even more relevant as time goes on.

Table of Contents:

  • Google Search Hacks and Tips
  • Google Drive Like You’ve Never Seen It
  • Google Keep – What is It?
  • Google Calendar – Not Just For Appointments
  • Gmail – A Communication Powerhouse
  • Making Use of Google Tools

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A Short History of Data Storage

Take a look at some of the technologies that shaped modern data storage, as well as where we're headed in the future.

In the world of data storage, there have been numerous breakthroughs, and even more flops that went absolutely nowhere. For every successful piece of data storage technology, there have been dozens more that were laughably bad.

Table of Contents:

  • Historical Data Storage Timeline
  • Modern Data Storage
  • The Move to Replace Physical Storage
  • Futuristic Takes on What the Data Storage Could Look Like

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Powerful CRM Software: 2015 Edition

CRM software is the technology that enables companies to improve their interactions with clients, prospects, contractors, and business associates. It contributes to the operational efficiency and long-term success of a business, as it manages customers and their information through integration of data from diverse sources, such as the billing department, tech support, sales, and others. Such data includes customer purchases, complaints, requests for assistance, and the like. This eBook will guide you in choosing a powerful CRM software solution for your business.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: CRM Software for Small Businesses - Why It's Important and How to Make It Work

Chapter 2: 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in CRM Software Now

Chapter 3: Cloudswave Awards 2015 - Introducing the 10 Best CRM Software

Chapter 4: Detailed comparison of the 10 Best CRM Software

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The VPN Checklist: Should You Be Using One?

This guide shows you 8 instances you weren't using a VPN, but should have been.

A Virtual Private Network will help you protect your right to privacy in numerous areas of your digital life. Global news is dominated by instances of hacking, mass data collection, data snooping and more, and as our lives are now digitally intertwined with our computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, it might be the right time to consider how you interact with the Internet. There are numerous VPN solutions out there. VPN providers such as ibVPN deliver the most important things in a VPN: reliability, privacy, encryption and anonymity. If you haven’t already considered subscribing to a VPN to secure your privacy, now is the time.

Table of Contents:

  • When Is A VPN Needed?
  • What do I Need to Look For?
  • Your Quick VPN Checklist
  • Let’s Roundup

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GPS Fleet Tracking - Why So Vital?

But finding the right software and provider is vital. Learn what questions to ask vendors and get expert insights before making your final selection. In this informative guide from InsideUp, the GPS Fleet Tracking Software information experts, you will read the key benefits and drawbacks of GPS Software, and key questions to ask vendors.

To better understand your options, they'll also provide you with complimentary, no-obligation price quotes from top GPS Tracking vendors based on your specific needs so that you'd be able to better compare the choices available to you.

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CIO eBook: Why Big Data is a Big Deal

This CIO eBook explores how to deploy Hadoop applications faster and easier with a workload automation solution that simplifies and automates Hadoop batch processing and connected enterprise workflows.

Read the eBook to learn:
  • The role—and challenges—of Hadoop in Big Data application development
  • Six considerations for a Hadoop proof-of-concept initiative
  • How to connect Hadoop to other enterprise data sources and applications

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Get Your Big Data into Production at the Speed of Business

In this paper, learn how a proven workload automation solution can help you adopt, manage, and exploit Hadoop effectively and meet enterprise requirements for self-service, compliance, forecasting, SLAs, and more. Find out how to:
  • Build out your Hadoop environment more quickly and minimize complexity
  • Test Hadoop projects efficiently with production data from diverse sources
  • Avoid the expense and risk of scripting
  • Maintain visibility, control, and compliance for applications in production

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Integrate Big Data into Your Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

In this white paper, you'll discover an enterprise approach to Big Data that leverages workload automation to:
  • Integrate Hadoop workflows into your enterprise processes to deliver new applications faster
  • Resolve issues faster with predictive analytics, automated alerts, and early problem detection
  • Achieve compliance and governance adherence

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Integration von Big Data in Geschftsprozesse und Unternehmenssysteme

Integrieren Sie Ihrer Big Data Initiativen in Ihre Unternehmensweiten Geschäftsprozesse. Gerne machen wir Sie damit vertraut, wie sie mit Control-M für Hadoop die Anwendungsentwicklung beschleunigen und die Unternehmensintegration vereinfachen können. Besprochene Themen schließen folgende Punkte ein:
  • Wie können Sie mit einem Enterprise Scheduler für Hadoop, weitere Automationsinseln vermeiden.
  • Wie kann sichergestellt werden, dass Sie aus ihren Big Data Initiativen den gewünschten Mehrwert erhalten.
  • Wie können Sie mit Ihren Big Data initiativen sich den administrativen Herausforderungen & Bedürfnissen stellen und mögliche Konfrontationen erfolgreich meistern.

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Workload Automation: Accelerate Digital Services Delivery

They'll no longer have to deal with manual processes for defining batch jobs and workflows, or traverse multiple, disparate scheduling tools. How? With the right workload automation solution.

Download this white paper to learn how a workload automation solution can help you:
  • Shrink Hadoop application development time and cost
  • Deliver higher quality digital services
  • Increase IT's agility to meet the demands of the business

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Delivering Enterprise Information Securely on Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Tablets and Smartphones

At the same time, they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information. Read this Citrix technical how-to guide—updated for Android 4.4, iOS 7.1, and Windows Phone.

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Mixed State of Readiness for New Cybersecurity Regulations in Europe

Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. The GDPR is currently set to be finalised in early 2015, with compliance becoming mandatory in 2017. The NIS directive – set to be implemented in 2015 – will impose new security and incident reporting requirements on a broader range of private sector companies.

The report gauges how organisations perceive the scale and importance of the legislation and predicts how organisations in France, Germany and the UK are most likely to prepare themselves for compliance. Based on responses, it concludes that there is a mixed state of readiness at best, with many not understanding the true extent of the potential impact of the legislation.

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Reality Check(list): Mobile Enterprise Buyer's Guide

As you develop your mobile strategy you must take into account various use cases and the technologies applicable to each of them. With so many vendors selling mobility solutions, this guide can help you identify the appropriate solutions for the use cases within your organization.

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What's Missing From Your BYOD Strategy?

However, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have led to poor user experience, privacy concerns, security risks and ballooning costs. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a far better approach to managing personal devices in a corporate setting at scale. Learn how XenMobile uses EMM to enable BYOD and CYOD/COPE mobility programs without impacting user experience, and without inflating costs or introducing security risks.

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2H 2014 Internet Quality Report

One-quarter of the time, the Internet fails to deliver the level of application performance required by enterprises.

Traditionally, the Internet has been considered too unreliable to support enterprise-level applications. Companies had no choice but to use expensive MPLS to support real-time business collaboration, voice, and video apps.

The VeloCloud Internet Quality Report's findings show that a cloud-delivered SD-WAN gives enterprises the ability to use the cost-effective Internet broadband to deliver the levels of performance and reliability needed to run real-time enterprise applications.

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Exploring WAN with Networking Expert Dr. Jim Metzler

Traditional WAN technologies are a mismatch for modern branch networks.

Enterprises need branch offices to be up and running quickly. Branch WAN costs are increasing dramatically. So is WAN traffic. IT departments are losing visibility and control. This is not sustainable. There has to be a new way!

You will learn:

·     The Emerging Business and Technology Trends

·     The Limitations of Traditional WANs

·     The New Approach to Wide Area Networking

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Optimized Hybrid WAN for the Enterprise

Are you adopting cloud apps in your Enterprise and looking for ways to assure WAN performance? Planning to increase branch bandwidth capacity and looking for ways to do it efficiently?

Hybrid WAN - a mix of MPLS private WAN circuits with ordinary broadband links like DSL, Cable, 4G-LTE for remote office access - is gaining fast momentum as the popular choice among Enterprise IT organizations.

This whitepaper explores the choices of hybrid WAN implementation in different business environments. You will learn:

  • Trends supporting the adoption of Hybrid WAN
  • Key requirements for an optimized branch office WAN 
  • Advantages of implementing a Cloud-delivered solution

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Security and Usability: How New Authentication Methods Eliminate Old Trade-offs

Consumers have long been reporting frustration with having to use and memorize multiple usernames and passwords for their many digital accounts—some survey data indicates that up to 85% of consumers are dissatisfied with the current authentication models available to them. Thanks to the latest technologies and the proliferation of personal mobile devices, companies no longer have to decide between ease of use to drive conversion, and the security of customer identity data.

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Web API Management - New Rules for a New Economy

eBook highlights include:
  • Externalizing the Enterprise
  • Effective Executive Strategy with Web APIs
  • A Guide to the Technical Execution of a Successful Web API Strategy

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Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs): Their Expanding Role & Importance

The data presented in this ESG white paper is based upon a survey of 243 IT professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e., those with more than 1,000 employees) based in North America.

The ESG research reveals that the role of ADCs has expanded well beyond the historical perception of hardware-based load balancers. Organizations are deploying ADCs as virtual appliances at an increasing rate and taking advantage of ADC functionality from the network through the application layer with security taking on a more prominent role.

  • Why ADCs Are More Pervasive Than Ever
  • How ADCs Move Beyond Load Balancing
  • Why ADCs Have Become a Critical Security Control

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Best In-Class ADC Solution

Unlike legacy ADC solutions that only deliver best effort application SLA, a best in-class ADC solution is designed from the ground up to provide a holistic solution for SLA assurance and SLA improvement, enabling proactive application performance management.

This white paper covers:
  • On-going challenges for application delivery
  • How to keep in-sync with the data center's dynamic changes
  • How to scale in a cost-effective manner and lower costs
DOWNLOAD this white paper NOW to ensure application availability and performance and secure mission critical applications in both physical and virtual Data Centers.

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Global Application & Network Security Report: 2014-2015

This Report incorporates Radware's Emergency Response Team's (ERT) in-the-trenches experiences fighting cyber-attacks, and shares insights gleaned from Radware's inaugural qualitative study of C-suite executives from multiple industries around the globe.

  • What Changed in Security in 2014
  • Why Attacks are Longer and More Continuous
  • Why No One Is Immune to Threats
  • What New Trends are Changing the Rules of the Game
  • How Headless Browsers and DDoS Attacks Have Become More Sophisticated

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Holistic Security Architecture Designed to Fight Emerging Cyber Attacks

A holistic security architecture - Attack Mitigation Network (AMN) - addresses these emerging security challenges offering the widest attack coverage and shortest time to mitigate. Download this white paper NOW to learn how to:
  • Maintain business continuity even when under attack
  • Interface with emerging security applications
  • Protect against all types of availability-based threats
  • Reduce operational costs and save on enterprise infrastructure expenses

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Mobile E-Commerce Performance: 2014 State of the Union

Delivering a fast mobile experience has never been more crucial! Two out of three mobile users expect pages to load in 4 seconds or less.

Radware tested mobile load times for the top 100 E-commerce sites — both the m-dot and full site — and found that the average site does not meet user expectations.

  • How Slow Mobile Pages Have a Serious Impact on the Bottom Line
  • Just How Critical it is to Ensure a Fast, Consistent Experience Across All Platforms
  • Numerous Technical Roadblocks to Delivering Optimal Mobile Performance

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New Cyber Security Federal Regulations: How This Is Impacting Application Network

Chief among the respondents were CIO/CTOs representing the financial services industry with global annual sales of $5 billion or more.

DOWNLOAD THIS SURVEY NOW to read how new federal regulations on Cyber Security lead to:
  • Revenue Loss
  • Business Disruption
  • Loss of Productivity
It is imperative that companies, not just the financial services industry, do everything in their means to not only mitigate cyber threats, but also to comply with emerging industry regulations in order to optimally protect their networks, applications and data – and most importantly, their customers.

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Protecting Critical DNS Infrastructure Against Attack

This paper outlines the recent DDoS attacks on DNS services and challenges of mitigating those attacks.

Learn how:
  • DNS DDoS attacks take advantage of weaknesses in the DNS protocol
  • Attackers launch a high bandwidth sophisticated attack on their victim
  • Attackers use amplification effect
Securing DNS service requires rethinking on perimeter security with dedicated tools to identify and mitigate these new breed of attacks on DNS services.

DOWNLOAD NOW to stop DNS DDoS Attacks!

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Securing Your Business Against SSL-Based DDoS Attacks

This white paper details the main challenges that encrypted SSL based DDoS attacks present:
  • Attack impact is higher than clear text attacks
  • Current DoS mitigation technologies don't inspect SSL traffic
  • Anti-DoS scrubbing centers are not mitigating SSL based attacks
  • “In the cloud” anti-DoS managed services don't protect against SSL attacks
  • Floods directed to HTTPS pages
DOWNLOAD this white paper NOW and learn how to fully protect your online business and IT infrastructure against SSL based-DDoS attacks.

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Service & Security Agility Strategies for SDN & NFV Networks

As Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) move from concept to commercialization, an architectural template is emerging that will meet the future service demands of both network operators and subscribers.

This white paper covers:
  • The impact of SDN and NFV on services: NFV/SDN enabled application automation to leverage software to provision and introduce new services and service groups.
  • The impact of SDN and NFV on security: Potential malicious third parties can access the network from a greater number of intrusion points.

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State of the Union: E-Commerce Page Speed & Web Performance

Online consumer expectations have not changed: Shoppers expect retail pages to load in 3 seconds or less, yet many retail websites fail to deliver this.

The good news is that this problem is surmountable.

DOWNLOAD NOW for best practices to improve the user experience for visitors which can be applied outside the ecommerce world as well.

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Which Image Format Delivers the Best User Experience for a Website?

Images comprise more than half of a typical page's weight: among the top 1,000 websites, images comprise 58% of the average page's total weight.

Optimizing images so that they render more quickly in the user's browser should be a priority for every site owner.

There are a number of image optimization techniques – ranging from basic to advanced – that site owners can leverage, but selecting the best image-rendering format is the first step on the path toward fully optimized images.

  • Which Image Format Delivers the Best User Experience
  • Best Practices for Image Optimization
  • Adding Neuroscientific Insight to the Debate
  • How Slow Image Load Affects the User Experience

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Why a Web Application Firewall Makes Good Business Sense

Good and efficient web application security is not an easy task. There are many challenges. Using a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that addresses the multiple challenges faced by Web applications security is a MUST.

DOWNLOAD this white paper NOW to understand:
  • The challenges of web application security
  • How Web Application Firewall (WAF) secures your web applications

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Schneider Electric: Riverbed Cloud Steelhead Appliances Support IT Migration to Cloud Computing, SaaS and IaaS

SteelHead appliances deliver LAN-like performance for applications running in the data centers, and have reduced optimized traffic volume across the WAN by an average of 75% leading to fewer bandwidth upgrades. Interceptor appliances avoid costs related to data center disruptions and help control capital expenses. In addition, Cloud SteelHead appliances will save the company money when it moves to cloud computing, as Schneider Electric will only pay for the resources it needs.

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Cinco maneiras de construir uma rede mais inteligente

A Telecoms iQ apresenta: Cinco maneiras de construir umarede mais inteligente. Um trabalho inovador que analisa as estratégias que suaempresa deve implantar para revolucionar seu negócio, o desempenho de sua redee a gestão do todo. Focando nas tendências atuais da América Latina, este é ocaminho para ficar à frente dos seus concorrentes e prosperar nos mercadosemergentes.

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Outils SIEM - Trop d'alertes tue l'alerte : L'importance de concentrer les mesures de cyberscurit sur les alertes critiques

Pour assurer une protection véritablement efficace, les responsables de la sécurité doivent privilégier la qualité des alertes par rapport à leur quantité. Ce livre blanc explore les facteurs à l'origine de ces avalanches d'alertes, examine les raisons pour lesquelles elles s'avèrent plus néfastes qu'efficaces pour la protection de vos ressources et explique comment mieux les gérer.

Téléchargez ce livre blanc pour :
  • comprendre pourquoi les outils SIEM sont utiles mais ne résolvent pas le problème sous-jacent ;
  • découvrir les raisons pour lesquelles certaines alertes sont plus importantes que d'autres ;
  • comprendre pourquoi et comment des alertes cruciales se noient dans la masse et passent inaperçues ;
  • transformer les alertes en informations pertinentes et exploitables ;
  • découvrir des conseils pratiques pour faire en sorte que les alertes soient utiles et renforcent votre sécurité au lieu d'y porter préjudice.
En soumettant vos informations, vous acceptez de recevoir des communications par courriel de FireEye. Comprenez que vous pouvez vous désinscrire à tout moment.

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Wenn SIEM - Tools Falschen Alarm Schlagen

Ein wirklich effektiver Schutz ist allerdings keine Frage der Quantität, sondern der Quantität von Warnungen. Das vorliegende White paper erklärt, wie diese Flut von Warnungen zustande kommt, warum sie dem Schutz Ihrer Unternehmenswerte eher ab- als zuträglich ist und wie Sie sie besser bewältigen können.

In dem White paper erfahren Sie:
  • Warum SIEM-Tools ihre Berechtigung haben, das grundlegende Problem aber nicht lösen
  • Warum manche Warnungen wichtiger sind als andere
  • Weshalb dringende Warnungen in der Masse untergehen oder ignoriert werden
  • Wie Sie verwertbare Warnungen erhalten
  • Mit welchen praktischen Schritten Sie gewährleisten können, dass Warnungen hilfreich sind, statt zu verwirren
Indem sie ihre informationen senden, sind sie damit einverstanden, alle e-mail kommunikationen von FireEye zu empfangen. Sie können jederzeit abbestellen.

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The Essentials of the Cloud - Free Kit

The Essentials of the Cloud, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Cloud related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Cloud research:
  • 5 Critical Considerations for Enterprise Cloud Backup
  • The Path to Value in the Cloud
  • Migrating to the Cloud: Best Practices for Re-Platforming Legacy Enterprise Applications
  • Monitoring the Hybrid Cloud: Evolving to the CloudSOC

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21st Century Threats Demand 21st Century Security Approaches

Targeted attacks and advanced threats are becoming the norm. Stakeholders from across the enterprise are tuning in and recognize that data protection is paramount, yet security leaders continue to face challenges adapting to today's threats, protecting their data, and articulating the value of security investments. Trend Micro commissioned Forrester to conduct a survey of 220 IT security professionals with responsibility for planning and strategy against targeted attacks and advanced threats, Forrester found that many have been victims of targeted attacks. Download this report and discover their key findings.

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The Challenges & Opportunities Impacting Your Software Development Team

The ability to quickly create and deploy new solutions, often using innovative technologies, is what sets one organization apart from its competitors. But many organizations struggle to keep their developers on a lifelong path of learning: Under the day-to-day pressures of business and operation, education is often de-prioritized. That's too bad, because it's this kind of short-term thinking that can carry a heavy long-term price. Fortunately, using modern approaches, organizations – and their software developers – no longer need to make that compromise.

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Tolly Test Report: IBM Security Access Manager Appliance

Web applications are often the most vulnerable part of a company's infrastructure, and yet are typically given direct paths to the internet, thus leaving these vulnerabilities exposed.

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SANS Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation

The Critical Security Controls (CSCs), a well-known roadmap for enterprise information assurance published and maintained by the Council on CyberSecurity, is being widely adopted across financial and government sectors, according to the second SANS survey on CSC adoption.

Download this report from SANS to find out why more and more organizations of various types consider the CSCs a reliable mechanism to reduce attack surfaces, increase visibility and improve protection and response.

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Four Steps to a Proactive Big Data Security and Privacy Strategy

This eBook outlines four steps to develop a proactive approach to data security and privacy that will help you keep big data safe, and shows how IBM InfoSphere solutions can help protect data while giving your staff the right levels of access to do their jobs efficiently and accurately.

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Implement A Proactive Strategy For Data Security: Data Security And Privacy Are Critical Business Imperatives In The Data Economy

Less frequent, but just as alarming, are the publically reported examples and allegations of intellectual property theft. Data security and privacy - and by extension, brand reputation - is front and center today, and will quickly become a business differentiator for tomorrow. The question remains: how will organizations respond? IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate data security decision-making by security buyers and influencers, and what it means to engage in proactive data security and privacy efforts in order to address threats today and in the future.

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Migrating to the Cloud: Best Practices for Re-Platforming Legacy Enterprise Applications

It goes without saying that some legacy applications, such as those with basic two-tier architecture and minimal integration points with other systems, are relatively simple to re-platform without sacrificing performance or functionality.

On the other hand, other systems, such as highly distributed systems or those with low latency or high-volume demands, require a far more deliberate approach to re-platforming.

In addition, not all legacy applications are good candidates for migration. Cloud, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) come with their own challenges.

In this guide, the executive IT professional will get an itemized benefit of re-architecting applications for the cloud in context of complex and non-complex cloud considerations; a recent set of best-practices in relationship to the most common challenges; and actionable next steps for developing a re-platforming strategy.

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8 Steps to Ensure New Applications Comply With Regulations

U.S. businesses spend a staggering sum on regulatory compliance each year. Software is a common compliance target, so failure to build regulatory compliance into an application’s code can result in expensive rework, potential fines and business disruption. The eight steps in this checklist explain how and why to address compliance needs throughout the application-development process.

Download this checklist designed for the executive IT professional to succinctly learn how to:

  • Reconcile external compliance and internal requirements upfront,
  • Understand regulatory intent,
  • Apply insights from other industries,
  • And much more

Regulatory requirements and their impact on application development vary, but these best practices for addressing them when developing software applications are consistent across industries and mid-to-large-sized enterprise, non-profit, and government IT operations.

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How Aternity Workforce APM Fulfills the Mobile Workspace Vision

Mobile workspaces can improve enterprise workforce productivity by enabling people to get their work done in a fully secure environment as they conduct business from smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Improving end user experience of the workforce, however, only begins with providing secure access to any app on any device. Breaking down the silos between mobile and desktop computing is only a start to streamlining IT’s ability to support the mobile-first enterprise.

Verified Citrix Ready for Citrix XenMobile, XenDesktop, and XenApp, Aternity Workforce APM delivers critical capabilities to enterprises deploying Citrix Workspace Suite enabling them to fulfill the mobile workspace vision. Get an in-depth understanding of how Aternity provides comprehensive visibility to measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity for any enterprise app delivered on any device – mobile, virtual or physical.

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Monitoring End User Experience in a VDI Environment: Complete Visibility Ensures Successful VDI Outcomes

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment benefits, such as improving flexibility, operational efficiency, and control, won’t matter if enterprises can’t maintain excellent application performance.   IT and Line-of-Business management all need precise, comprehensive metrics describing real end user experience, before and after going “virtual”, in order to support strategic desktop virtualization and consolidation decisions.

The challenge is that virtualization disrupts the traditional relationship between applications, physical hardware, operating systems, and presentation layers. Without comprehensive visibility into application performance as experienced by their end users, enterprises lack the critical insight needed to effectively plan, manage, and troubleshoot VDI environments. 

Aternity goes beyond traditional VDI assessment tools, which primarily focus on planning and testing virtual deployments, by providing in-depth monitoring of end user experience for even the largest production environments.

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Not All End User Experience Monitoring Solutions are Created Equal: A Guide to the EUEM Landscape

Read this new whitepaper to navigate through the End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) landscape. Learn how traditional APM and device monitoring products provide some aspects of End User Experience Monitoring, but can often leave enterprise IT Ops teams blind to what their workforce users are actually experiencing.  This paper covers:

  • A side-by-side comparison of five common EUEM approaches: synthetic monitoring, network-based packet capture, JavaScript injection, device monitoring, and an agent on the end user device
  • How Aternity Workforce APM complements traditional APM products to deliver extensive benefits to enterprise app developers, IT Ops, and the line of business
  • How the right EUEM approach provides a complete view of end user experience and device metrics correlated to that experience, for the full range of apps and devices that the enterprise workforce relies on in today’s converged cloud, mobile, and virtual environments

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The Essentials of Information Security Kit: Includes a Free PC Security Handbook - 2nd Edition eBook

The Essentials of Information Security brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Information Security related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Information Security research:
  • PC Security Handbook - 2nd Edition
  • The Client Mandate on Security
  • To Increase Downloads, Instill Trust First
  • IDC 2015 Trends: Why CIOs Should Rethink Endpoint Data Protection in the Age of Mobility

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iPad CTO Kit - including the iPad Tips and Tricks Guide for IT Executives and Managers

The iPad CTO Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your IT Management related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your IT Management research:
  • iPad Tips and Tricks - A Guide for Executives and Managers
  • Schneider Electric: Riverbed Cloud Steelhead Appliances Support IT Migration to Cloud Computing, SaaS and IaaS
  • Governance Takes a Central Role as Enterprises Shift to Mobile
  • The Client Mandate on Security

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How Fleet Telematics Systems Are Helping Businesses Monitor Their Fleet's Status

But today, the most sophisticated telematics systems can be used to intervene when a truck driver is going too fast, following too closely, or falling asleep behind the wheel. Deploying wireless telematics systems can lead to increased productivity, improved customer service, higher levels of safety, and more efficient use of company assets.

Thanks to integrating telematics into their fleets, companies are seeing a 15 percent increase in productivity per truck. Managers of even small fleets can now optimize the maintenance and performance of their vehicles while also improving driver performance and overall safety.

Download this guide now and learn how telematics systems optimize fleet performance and safety and what you can track with it. Plus, we'll also include several no-obligation complimentary price quotes from reputable GPS Systems providers to get you started.

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6 Steps for Leveraging Tablets and Smart Phones for Materials Data Collection

It’s clear that mobility in the workplace is here to stay. Supply chain organizations must adopt mobility plans, applications, and practices as an integral part of overall corporate strategy in order to stay competitive. Data collection and inventory/package tracking are areas where mobility can deliver significant ROI and quickly realized benefits.

Download this eBook for 6 steps to optimize tablets and smartphones for data collection and tracking to achieve increased accuracy, performance, and efficiency across your supply chain.

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Your Unofficial Raspberry Pi Manual

You’ve surely heard of the Raspberry Pi: the palm-sized computer with enough power to run servers or media centres complete with retro gaming.  Rasberry Pi has the connectivity to control security systems and enthusiast projects; and with the software tools to encourage the teaching and understanding of programming. Since its launch in 2012 the Raspberry Pi has exceeded expectations, becoming a must-have piece of computer hardware for enthusiasts and tech-heads. For a small project developed to be sold to schools and colleges to teach programming principles, that’s not bad. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg. In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about the Raspberry Pi computer, its background, purpose, system specs, the software it runs and the amazing things it is capable of.

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Best Android Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Opera vs. Dolphin

Still using the stock Android browser? You’re missing out. Android users can choose from a plethora of browsers, bringing a richer mobile Web experience to your smartphone or tablet. We considered Android’s top third-party browsers, Firefox and Opera, along with relative underdog Dolphin, then tested and compared them to Chrome to see which one deserves to be the default choice on your smartphone.

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Best Windows 8.1 Browser: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

When it comes to Web browsing on your Windows 8 tablet, chances are you’ve already picked your favorite browser for the job. But you might be missing out. The best browsers can enhance your surfing experience with fast speeds, comprehensive standards support and intuitive navigation. We put the three leading browsers for Windows 8′s “Metro” mode — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer — to the test to see which one will serve you best.

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How to Use Your iPad as Your Only PC

Sometimes carrying your 1-pound iPad is just more convenient than toting around a 4-5-pound notebook. For many folks, your iPad can fulfill most of your laptop’s duties. If you’re the type that primarily uses your computer to browse the Web, work in word-processing programs or lightly edit photos, you may be able to ditch your laptop entirely. Here are a few tips and tricks to show you that your iPad could be the only PC you need.

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iOS 7.1: How to Upgrade Your iPhone and iPad Now

You’ll definitely want to upgrade your iPhone and iPad as soon as possible, because with this update comes a whole host of tweaks and improvements.

Among the most talked about improvement is CarPlay, previously known as iOS in the Car. With iOS 7.1 your iPhone will support in-car calling, music, maps and messaging through Siri. Apple’s digital assistant also will get more natural sounding voices for U.K. English, Australian English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Other new features include:

  • iTunes Radio now gets the ability to buy albums from the Now Playing list
  • TouchID gets a better biometric reader for improved fingerprint recognition
  • Camera will now include a setting that enables HDR mode for iPhone 5s owners
  • FaceTime call notifications are now automatically cleared when you answer a call on a different device
  • Calendar gets back list view in the month view, and adds country specific holidays for various locations
  • Better accessibility options that allow the use of a bolder font, darker keyboard and app icons, plus reduce motion options for the parallax motion feature now applies to weather, messages and multitasking user interface animations

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iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: And the Winner Is...

In fact, the two companies own a combined two-thirds of the market. The current flagships for these brands are the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5. Which one should you choose?

The Galaxy S5 is less gimmicky than its predecessor but still packs unique features such as a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor. The S5 also has a bigger display than the iPhone 5s, in a water-resistant body. Apple’s device is starting to show its age, but it also sports a fingerprint reader, a first-of-its-kind 64-bit processor and a beefed up camera with larger pixels.

To help you make the right call, we compared these devices head-to-head in 11 key categories, ranging from design and camera quality to special features, performance and battery life.

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Cloud Software For An Efficient and Organized Call Center

Enter call center software, which can instantly provide you with the efficiency and organization your business needs when communicating with customers. Cloud-based call center software is increasingly being adopted by small and medium sized businesses as they experience the many advantages it provides over on-premise call centers. Unlike on-premise contact center solutions, which are rife with complexities, hosted call center software is extremely user-friendly. The best call center software vendors can cover all your needs, whether you operate an inbound, outbound, or blended call center.

There are several important questions to ask before choosing the right software and this guide is designed to assist you in navigating your way through the many available options and choosing the right call center software. Plus, we'll provide you with some important facts and variables to consider when weighing your choices as well as a complimentary no-obligation price quote from a reputable Call Center Software provider.

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Exploit Kits: Cybercrime's Growth Industry

Cybercriminals have turned their attention away from exploiting Windows operating systems to pursuing the popular third party applications installed on nearly every PC around the world. That is why patch management has become a critical layer in your malware defense.

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Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile--Free 30 Page Excerpt

The development focuses on creating a framework compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers made necessary by the growing but heterogeneous tablet and smartphone market. The jQuery Mobile framework is compatible with other mobile app frameworks and platforms such as PhoneGap, Worklight, and more.

Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile reflects the author’s years of experience and exposes every hidden secret which will ease your mobile app development. With just a smattering of design and user experience thrown in, going through this book will allow you to confidently say, “yes, I can do that.”

We’ll start out with effective mobile prototyping and then move directly to the core of what every one of your mobile sites will need. Then, we’ll move on to the fancy stuff.

After creating some basic business templates and a universal JavaScript, we will move into the more interesting side of mobile development but we always try to keep an eye on progressive enhancement. jQuery Mobile is all about reaching everyone. So is this book.

"Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile" will take your basic mobile knowledge and help you make versatile, unique sites quickly and easily.

Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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jQuery Hotshot -- Free 32 Page Excerpt

It has become the standard tool for web developers and designers to add dynamic, interactive elements to their sites, smoothing out browser inconsistencies and reducing costly development time.

jQuery Hotshot walks you step by step through 10 projects designed to familiarise you with the jQuery library and related technologies. Each project focuses on a particular subject or section of the API, but also looks at something related, like jQuery's official templates, or an HTML5 feature like localStorage. Build your knowledge of jQuery and related technologies.

Learn a large swathe of the API, up to and including jQuery 1.9, by completing the ten individual projects covered in the book.

Some of the projects that we'll work through over the course of this book include a drag-and-drop puzzle game, a browser extension, a multi-file drag-and-drop uploader, an infinite scroller, a sortable table, and a heat map.

Learn which jQuery methods and techniques to use in which situations with jQuery Hotshots.

Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection

Download this free white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, to completely educate yourself about VoIP trends so that you can determine the perfect solution for your company.
  • Discover the top 2 choices for exactly how to best move voice and video over an IP network.
  • Learn the basic features to expect when shopping for a VoIP package. Understand what to anticipate at a minimum and what other helpful additions you could choose to add on.
  • Uncover the critical questions you must ask yourself, the vendors, and vendor references to fully understand VoIP products, services, and support options.
Moving your voice and video communications system to VoIP can save you money, improve communication, and offer your employees new, time-saving tools. This white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, will help you make the right decision for your company as you migrate to an enterprise VoIP solution.

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Unified Communications Guide: The Business Case for Unified Communications in the Contact Center

Sometimes the hard part is distilling all of the benefits into a strong business case for management.

Download the free Unified Communications Guide, The Business Case for Unified Communications in the Contact Center, to:
  • Discover the benefits of implementing UC in a contact center
  • Find out the different business cases that are a great fit for UC and why
  • Learn about the different considerations you should make before you propose a new project

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VoIP for Beginners

In this white paper, VoIP for Beginners, you'll be introduced to how VoIP works.
  • Discover what occurs when a VoIP call is placed and received
  • Understand the key technical terms and learn the issues that affect bandwidth and call quality
  • Learn three issues to consider when defining VoIP call quality

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Explore How Paul VI Catholic High School Benefited From Fujitsu's Devices and Software

Paul VI Catholic School wanted to develop a laptop program that would equip its students and teachers with the right tools to increase classroom learning, prepare their students for college, and to develop the 21st Century skillsets required by today's employers.

Following a comprehensive selection process, the school chose to provide 1,000 students, and 75 teachers with the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T732/4 laptop. The school also chose DyKnow's teaching & learning software as part of the overall strategy.

The benefits:
  • Teachers now use the devices, combined with DyKnow software, to provide an engaging, immersive learning experience
  • The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T732 Laptop, and now the most recent T734 model, is giving students the flexibility to have all their computing needs covered for 4 years in one device
  • By supplying almost half of set textbooks in e-book format, students' families are now saving approximately 50 percent on costs
  • The school's transformation to a more student-centered educational program puts Paul VI at the forefront of the private school educational sector and positions it well in the highly competitive Fairfax County Public School system

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The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocate Marketing

Employee-shared content increases reach 10x and engagement 8x. That's why leading brands are launching Employee Advocate Marketing programs to drive the marketing metrics they care about most, including increased awareness, social engagement and new customers.

But what are the steps they took to launch a successful program? Download this guide and step-by-step checklist for everything you need to know to launch an employee Advocate Marketing program.

In this guide you will learn:
  • The steps to launching an employee Advocate Marketing program
  • Proven best practices to grow your program
  • The recommended timeline and steps to ensure the program drives your goals

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How to Protect Your Brand in Social Media

The very characteristics that make social media incredibly appealing to consumers are the same ones that make it ripe for scammers seeking to exploit the value and power of established brands. It's not unusual for fans and consumers to be exposed to something new every day, whether a promotion, contest, fan page or enticing content. And, without much history to signal what is genuine and what is not, consumers find themselves at risk of being hoodwinked by brand impersonators, malicious account spoofers and counterfeiters.

This white paper offers best practices for protecting your brand--and brand engagement--in social media channels.

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Key Strategies for Protecting Your Brand in Social Media

The reach, influence and viral nature of social media make it ideal for scammers who want to exploit the value and power of established brands for their own gain. With heightened customer engagement across social media channels, and growing pressure to deliver measurable results, it's critical for you to address the risks posed by brandjackers and safeguard your brand.

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Everything You Need To Know About Switching To A Chromebook

Like any device, Chromebooks have their advantages and their disadvantages.  Chromebooks are Google’s take on the laptop. They run a slimmed-down operating system optimized for getting on the web with just the Chrome browser and Chrome apps. If you can do everything in your browser with web-based services and online storage, you can switch to a Chromebook.

Many Chromebook users haven’t actually “switched” to a Chromebook — they’ve purchased a Chromebook as an additional device, not one that replaces their current computer entirely. A Chromebook is the simple laptop you pick up when you need to browse the web, watch videos, type emails, write documents, and do other things you can accomplish in a browser. But let’s assume you actually want to switch to a Chromebook.

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On Air: Set Up Your Own Online Broadcast

The Internet is fast; computers are powerful. It makes sense, then, that live televised entertainment has found a new home: PC monitors.  Popular commercial services like Netflix and Hulu are commanding a strong part of the television market in an age when watching TV no longer requires a TV. I was a resident assistant at my college a few years ago when they made the decision to cut cable service. There was no reason to keep it anymore - anyone who wanted to watch TV was using the Internet. It was the first salient realization for a lot of people that Internet streaming had become huge.

However, since its rise in popularity, streaming has also enabled anyone with a computer to stream over the Internet. Lots of people have been using webcams to interact face-to-face via instant messaging services for years. Since higher bandwidth has become more common, many have found uses for personal streams over the Internet to the public. These livestreams can be accessed by anyone from an Internet browser from any common computer.

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The Unofficial, Beginners Guide to tumblr

By now you’ve heard of tumblr. The blog building website was sold to Yahoo for $1.1 billion, and is the number one social networking site for people under 25.  Clearly it’s important, but it’s a bit mystifying. It’s less a blog than it is an anti-blog. Do you want to try to understand it? Do you want to figure out how to use it so that you can build your own site on the service? If so, then this is the guide for you! MakeUseOf will try to unpack the sociology of tumblr and why it’s so popular. Along the way they'll look at some famous tumblrs, and help you build your own!

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Unofficial Guide to Tor: Really Private Browsing

The issue of privacy on the Internet has long been a difficult one: there are a lot of good reasons that you might be leery of strangers reading your emails or spying on the websites you visit.  There are equally compelling reasons that various unscrupulous people, corporations, and governments might want to do just that. The whole issue has come to a head recently with the revelation that the NSA has been illicitly spying on American citizens and others through Facebook, Google, and Skype – including, probably, you.

In a nutshell, Tor is a powerful, easy-to-use piece of software that lets you keep your online life private. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide to installing, configuring, and using Tor, and getting you started taking an active role in defending your privacy on the Internet.

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Earn Money Online: writing, transcribing and tutoring gigs

There are many, many places to find online work -- this manual is just a quick outline of what’s possible.  When you’re talking about making money online, the words scam and slave labor get thrown around fairly often – and not without cause. But there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn a decent secondary income online if you’re savvy enough to avoid the false offers that are simply too good to be true, and if you possess any of a wide variety of marketable skills.

First of all, if you ever come across any sort of advertisement claiming some sort of magical guru can teach you how to make thousands of dollars easily from the comfort of your home, run away fast. That is unless you’re reading this guide of course, in which case we’d like to preface its actual content with a disclaimer: all of these activities are best done as sources of secondary income only, unless you’ve already been doing any of them long enough to feel they’re reliable and you keep a tight budget. You won’t find any get rich quick schemes here, but with some hard work, your finances might get a welcome boost.

There won’t be any information in this guide about doing surveys or odd jobs such as those available in Swagbucks, Clickworker, etc. since these basically pay nothing. Our purpose here is to guide you towards increasing your income in a considerable manner, showcasing easy writing gigs with lower pay through to more elusive work with quite lucrative payments. Whether you’re simply looking for a few extra bucks on the side or you are a competitive freelancer, you should come along for the ride. Your wallet will thank you.

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Five Stages of a Web Malware Attack

This paper will explain the advanced techniques hackers use to infect web users and steal data or money, and how most web security products are failing. Most importantly, you will get insight into the layers of protection needed, and a checklist for evaluating your policies and the security capabilities of your web protection solution.

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Two Great Ways to Protect Virtual Machines From Malware

This paper aims to help IT professionals, including security and virtualization specialists, understand and choose between two modern approaches to securing virtual environments: agentless scanning using vShield Endpoint and client-based scanning optimized for virtual platforms.

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions' articles show readers how to sell new technologies and penetrate growing vertical markets. Business Solutions provides "actionable information" for VARs and integrators to increase sales, improve profits, and trounce the competition.

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You can find other free technology white papers here.