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10 Google Docs Tips That Take Seconds and Save You Time

2006 was a landmark year in Google’s history. The Oxford English Dictionary accepted “Google” as a verb. Since then we have done quite a lot to make that action the grammar for our online lives. We follow its particular syntax to search for information. We follow the rules of Gmail netiquette. And we read with awe and alarm as Google impacts our future lives.

If Chrome is the fastest way to get on the web every morning, Google Drive is the place for work productivity. The popularity of Google Drive has made the cloud a happy place to be. Of all the tools on Google Drive, Docs as the text editor is the first choice for everyday tasks. And every day we can do with some word processing tips that makes working on Google Docs more productive. Download this guide for ten tips to save you time. 

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Data-Driven Healthcare Organizations Use Big Data Analytics for Big Gains

Healthcare organizations cannot improve what they cannot measure. The best way for organizations to ensure their long-term success is by leveraging data to:
  • Gain a better understanding of actual costs and outcomes
  • Identify areas where they have the most to gain from improvements
  • Rigorously track performance over time

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Geek Guide: Apache Web Servers and SSL Authentication

The bottom line is that whether you want or need to do so, adding HTTPS to a site you're running isn't very hard to do. In this Geek Guide, I walk through what SSL/TLS is (and isn't), how you can create or buy a certificate, how to install that certificate into an Apache server and then how to configure Apache such that a subset of URLs on your system are covered by SSL.

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Increase e-Commerce Conversion Rates with Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Download our free white paper - “Increase Conversion Rates with Extended Validation Certificates” and learn how deploying an EV certificate on your e-Commerce website can protect against threats, while showing your customers that they can transact with confidence, helping increase your sites conversion rates.

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Raise Your Google Rankings with GeoTrust

Google's popularity is due to its commitment to delivering the best possible user experience – and that means a secure experience. Google now boosts a site's SEO ranking if it secures the entire user session with Always On SSL. As SEO helps a site to be found, a higher ranking means more traffic. This white paper explores how you can improve your ranking and be found by more customers.

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Speedrunning Culture: The Future of Single-Player Gaming

The beauty of video games is that they’re interactive, meaning you can play them however you wish.This may not be as true in an online multiplayer setting, but is certainly true for singleplayer games.The culture of speedrunning is a perfect example. Download this free guide to learn about the speedrunning culture and where it’s headed.

Table of Contents:

  • Speedrunning: A Humble Start
  • The Drive of a Speedrunner
  • What Makes a Good Speedrunning Game?
  • The Boom in Speedrunning Culture
  • Speedrunners on Twitch to Follow
  • What’s In Store for Speedrunners?

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Successful Healthcare Analytics Begin with the Right Data Blueprint

To address regulatory and market pressures, healthcare provider organizations must look for ways to build more sustainable healthcare systems that control costs, boost operating margins, grow market share, improve care collaboration and outcomes, and flexibly respond to changing conditions.

In the long term, analytics systems can provide organizations with the comprehensive understanding of operational and clinical processes and costs they will need to improve financial, administrative and clinical decision making, increase operational efficiency, improve patient safety and care quality, and reduce fraud.

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Understanding Validation: Understanding the Art and Science of SSL Certificate Validation and how to Pick the Right Approach for your Business

SSL certificates don't range from ‘insecure' to ‘secure', but they do differ in the level of confidence they inspire in online visitors. This white paper helps you choose the level of validation that works for you.

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Using Analytics and Collaboration to Improve Healthcare Quality and Outcomes

As healthcare organizations attempt to enhance processes to improve care and outcomes, most will focus first on one of three core areas where collaboration and analytics can yield the greatest benefits: advancing patient safety, improving clinical outcomes and promoting wellness and disease management.

This white paper discusses how organizations can benefit from implementing collaboration and analytics processes in the three core areas, how healthcare organizations are successfully using collaboration and analytics to improve outcomes and value, and the best way for organizations to achieve their collaboration and analytics goals.

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Why Always-on SSL is Critical for Company Websites Today

Hackers increasingly have access to tools to steal personal information during web site sessions. This paper discusses how always-on SSL offers enhanced security to protect against these attacks, while delivering several additional business benefits.

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Cloud-Integrated Storage: Save Money and Drive Backup Efficiency

This eBook, written by CIO, highlights how organizations can save money and drive backup efficiency with cloud-integrated storage solutions such as NetApp AltaVault.

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How to Choose the Right Video Conferencing Provider

Regardless of the countless ways social media empowers us to quickly communicate a message, we humans will always crave face-to-face communication. Thankfully, video conferencing allows you to make face-to-face connections with others even when you're apart. It also makes life more efficient, people more productive, and reduces excessive travel costs.

Inside this eBook, you'll discover how to:
  • Assess your company's video & web conferencing needs
  • Evaluate video & web conferencing costs
  • Identify video providers that are right for you

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NetApp Is Accelerating Your Data Protection Strategy to the Clouds

This 10 page white paper, written by Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst, Jason Buffingtonn, and Research Analyst Monya Keanes, explores how organizations are using the cloud for backup and recovery and how AltaVault fits into that ecosystem.

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Private Cloud Trends

However, organizations looking to extend beyond the core benefits of server virtualization are starting to transform their highly virtualized data centers into private cloud infrastructures. By harnessing advanced capabilities like elasticity, management automation, and usage-based tracking, organizations, especially those with larger and more sophisticated IT environments, are beginning to change the way in which IT delivers services.

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The Essentials of Information Security Kit: Includes a Free PC Security Handbook - 2nd Edition eBook

The Essentials of Information Security brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Information Security related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Information Security research:
  • PC Security Handbook - 2nd Edition
  • SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Website Security
  • Wanted: Guardians to Keep Sensitive Data Safe & Protected
  • IDC Executive Brief: Modernizing Data Protection With Backup Appliances

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The Essentials of Networking and Communications Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit

The Essentials of Networking and Communications – Summer 2015 Exclusive Kit brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your networking and communications decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your networking and communications research:
  • Beyond the Next Generation: Meeting the Converging Demands of Network Security
  • IDC MarketScape Report: Hyperconverged Platforms
  • The Path to Value in the Cloud

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Technology Value Matrix on the Analytics Market

The analytics market has evolved from a small market of large, established vendors with predominantly on-premise solutions to a complex mix of cloud-based and on-premise applications, data discovery and visualization tools, and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and solutions. Established vendors have had to shift their pricing and deployment models to meet customer demand while smaller upstarts are gaining ground through penetration strategies and partnerships.

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The Essentials of the Cloud - Free Kit

The Essentials of the Cloud, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Cloud related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Cloud research:
  • Choosing a Cloud Provider with Confidence
  • The Path to Value in the Cloud
  • Adobe Document Cloud Security Overview
  • Schneider Electric: Riverbed Cloud Steelhead Appliances Support IT Migration to Cloud Computing, SaaS and IaaS

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Big Data Beginners - How Nordic Telcos Close the Gap

Having the sponsorship and the drive for cultural change is a luxury that many businesses struggle with. The ability for digital teams to work independently but also have the collaborative capabilities and opportunities to be able to implement new changes is key. Having the power, signed off by management, to delve deep into the BI functions and convert analysis into actionable insight to take data-driven initiatives to the next level is an area of vast importance for telco organisations today. 
Jason McGee-Abe, Editor of PEX Network, speaks with John Belchamber, Global Insight Manager at Telefónica, about how they operate in the big data arena outside the Nordics: breaking down its manipulation, use, and the operator’s processes to counterpoint the different lessons learnt and best practices. 

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Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards ($40.99 Value) FREE for a limited time!

Security professionals need all the tools at their disposal to increase their visibility in order to prevent security breaches and attacks. You'll soon understand how to harness and wield data, from collection and storage to management and analysis as well as visualization and presentation. Using a hands-on approach with real-world examples, this book shows you how to gather feedback, measure the effectiveness of your security methods, and make better decisions. Everything in this book will have practical application for information security professionals.
  • Helps IT and security professionals understand and use data, so they can thwart attacks and understand and visualize vulnerabilities in their networks
  • Includes more than a dozen real-world examples and hands-on exercises that demonstrate how to analyze security data and intelligence and translate that information into visualizations that make plain how to prevent attacks
  • Covers topics such as how to acquire and prepare security data, use simple statistical methods to detect malware, predict rogue behavior, correlate security events, and more
  • Written by a team of well-known experts in the field of security and data analysis
Lock down your networks, prevent hacks, and thwart malware by improving visibility into the environment, all through the power of data and Security Using Data Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards.

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Next Generation Councils Driving Data Transformation

The key to government becoming more digital is the very real and powerful tool that big data and analytics encompass. It is an invaluable strategic asset and critical new age resource for government. One of the main recommendations in a recent New Local Government Network (NLGN) paper, Demystifying Data, calls for senior council directors to come together and scrutinise their current approach to data and create local data strategies. 


This paper showcases how Harrow Council and Essex County Council have clearly recognised the power of data and analytics and how they are reaping the rewards of the big data seed.

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Top Trending Virtualization Resources for Summer 2015

Top Trending Virtualization Resources for Summer 2015, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Virtualization related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Virtualization research:
  • Powering the Hybrid Enterprise
  • Virtualization in Manufacturing: Do's and Dont's for Mission-Critical Manufacturing
  • Video: Data Center Virtualization Management

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12 Years. Multiple Companies. Same PLM Solution. Why?

For Network Video Technologies, Arena's cloud-based PLM solution removed the lengthy, expensive IT consulting necessary for on-premise implementations. In this case study, you will learn how Arena eliminated a tedious dependency on paper processes while providing the following advantages:

·       Eliminated change order miscommunication

·       Reduced ECO delays with streamlined processes

·       Accelerated time to market by reducing

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3 Greatest Challenges for Data Management in Education

Schools are just as susceptible to security breaches as other organizations and must comply with stringent data privacy regulations, all while supporting a diverse and constantly changing user base. Join guest Mark Lamson, Director of IT at the Westerly, RI public school system, and David Stevens, Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity, as they explore ways that local school districts, colleges and universities can use automated file and data analysis to reduce complexity and better serve their constituents.

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Arena Reduces Wi-Fi OEM's ECO Cycles by Over 70 Percent

Discover how Arena helped Ruckus Wireless, a Wi-Fi equipment manufacturer, reduced ECO cycle times by over 70 percent. Learn how Arena provided Ruckus with these benefits: 

·       Quicker ECO cycle times with automated routings, electronic status notifications.

·       Reduced cost of compliance by generating a compliance report with a single click from anywhere in the world.


·       Fewer process-related errors and faster time to market by reducing reliance upon manual processes virtually eliminates potentially costly human errors and speed time to market by approximately 10 percent.

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How Sinton Reduced Shipping Delays & Product Errors Resulting in Cost Savings.

Discover how Arena's cloud-based solution resolved the product introduction delays and product errors plaguing Sinton Instruments. You'll learn how Arena ensured an immediate ROI for Sinton by reducing shipping delays, decreased product errors, and – most importantly — measured cost savings. Specifically, you'll discover more about the following benefits:

·       Projected to deliver significant cost savings with reduced scrap/errors/time to market.

·       Calculated to accelerate product design time by 20%

·       Forecasted to reduce version control issues accounting for 10% of product errors.

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How did Nimble Storage Reduce Product Design by Five Days?

Discover why Nimble Storage turned to Arena's cloud-based solution to reduce versioning control issues, grant contractors easier access to product information, and shrink engineering change order cycle times. Learn how Arena provided these benefits:

·       Ensured team worked from most current bill of materials BOM

·       Provided 24x7 global access to suppliers

·       Streamlined product design cycles

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Java Servlet Tutorial Cookbook

Java Servlets are the base of any java web application. In this 55 pages eBook, you will learn

  1. Java Web Application Basics
  2. Java Servlet Basics
  3. Servlet API Hierarchy and important annotations
  4. Servlet Filters
  5. Servlet Listeners

You will learn by writing programs and gain understanding concepts quickly. You can also download the sample projects and extend it for better understanding.

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Learn How Graphite Reduced Product Errors by 90%

To formalize manufacturing processes and operations to accelerate time to market, reduce product errors and bogus parts, Graphite Systems turned to Arena's cloud-based solution. In addition to decreasing design cycles from six months down to a few weeks, Arena delivered the following results:

·       Removed 90% of product errors

·       Removed an estimated $500,000 annually by removing costly on premise IT management

·       Reduced time to market 25%

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Why RBR Switched to Cloud PLM

To ensure quality standards and balancing inventory against lead times, RBR needed to formalize its bill of materials (BOM) process. Learn how RBR relied on Arena PLM to reduce long product development cycles, enable global deployment and meet challenging product launch deadlines.

Because BOMControl, Arena's flagship product, is a cloud-based solution, it removed the infrastructure, IT concerns and frustrations associated with on-premise solutions. Discover how Arena delivered the following benefits:

·       Formalized more efficient product development processes

·       Ensured globally dispersed teams worked from most current BOM version

·       Provided a scalable economic product lifecycle management (PLM) solution

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Best Practices for Selecting a Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution

With attackers using increasingly-sophisticated ways to break into systems, manual methods of locating and inspecting devices on your network are no longer enough. The right Vulnerability Management (VM) solution can monitor your environment, enabling you to: discover devices running in your network, determine whether they are vulnerable to attack, find fixes to the underlying problems, and protect yourself while those fixes are being implemented. New Cloud-based VM technologies make it simple for you to automatically and accurately test your perimeter and cloud systems, DMZ appliances, internal workstations and mobile devices.

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How IT Can Enable the Business to Close Deals Faster

Paper and manual processes bog down the sales cycle. But IT can solve the problem with a cloud-based digital document communications solution that automates tasks for busy reps and provides greater visibility into contract status. This white paper covers:
  • How to remove sales roadblocks
  • How to improve organizational agility and meet security objectives
  • What capabilities to seek in a cloud-based document communications solution
Download this white paper to learn how IT and Adobe Document Cloud can help sales teams close deals faster!

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Narrowing the Security Gap with Automated Configuration Assessment

This guide describes internal risks to IT security and three best practices to control incorrect configurations. Critical components to this include automation of assessments and prioritization of risks.

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SANS Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation

The Critical Security Controls (CSCs), a well-known roadmap for enterprise information assurance published and maintained by the Council on CyberSecurity, is being widely adopted across financial and government sectors, according to the second SANS survey on CSC adoption.

Download this report from SANS to find out why more and more organizations of various types consider the CSCs a reliable mechanism to reduce attack surfaces, increase visibility and improve protection and response.

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Six Essential Elements of Web Application Security

Like all competitive businesses, your application developers and operation teams are constantly under pressure to move quickly. Everybody wants their application security efforts to be effective, but only if they don't unduly impede workflow or drive up costs. To balance these potentially-competing objectives, industry-leading organizations often use six elements in their approach to web application security. Download this white paper to learn more!

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Video: The Real Impact of Network Virtualization

Originating from the need to create service-enabled environments, virtualized networks have a profound impact in the IT industry. With virtualized networks, enterprises are now able to have a highly automated system where the operations for deploying new services are minimized.

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Video: What Is Software Defined Everything?

Networks require automation to essentially make a flow-through provisioning process and make sure that it's easy for the administrators to manage environments. Software Defined Networking solves key business problems by allowing direct access to the infrastructure so that end users can instantly spin up a variety of applications, virtual machines, and database as a service.

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Maximizing Security, Uptime and Productivity in Today's Growing Cloud Based Infrastructure

Expanding numbers of SMBs are now relying on the cloud for communication and other mission-critical services. However, many are not taking the steps necessary to properly secure the connection to their cloud providers or to make these connections redundant and reliable.

In the past, an Internet outage or slowdown may have meant going without email for a short period of time. In today’s cloud-centric environment, this same outage could bring down VoIP phone calls, meetings utilizing collaboration, ERP, CRM, remote call center agents, webinars, access to critical business documents, email or any number of other applications and services that all rely on the cloud and internet access. The absence or interruption of any of these services could bring productivity (and business in general) to a grinding halt.

This whitepaper explores all the issues that need to be researched and addressed by the SMB that is relying on cloud services for mission-critical applications.

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In this on-demand webinar, Salesforce CTO and VP of Architecture Brett Colbert covers how companies can build and manage apps on a cloud platform. We will cover best practices on the topic and how uses their own technology.

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The Mobile Strategy Video Series The Impact of Mobile on Business and IT

Among the topics discussed in this video:
  • Top use cases for mobile apps
  • Criteria for choosing a mobile platform
  • The importance of rich APIs for mobile development
  • Back-office integration issues
  • Best practices for managing identity in the mobile environment
  • The pros and cons of building apps in-house or at an agency

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Attributes of SAN Storage Required for Business Critical Workloads

This IDC white paper reviews the key SAN storage features required to meet such challenges and the NetApp SAN storage portfolio offerings that best address your needs.

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Flash Storage Delivers on the Promise of VDI

Learn how a NetApp All-Flash FAS solution can help you deliver cost effective virtual desktop performance while reducing your management costs.

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Flash Storage For Dummies, NetApp Special Edition

The book examines various elements of flash storage: how it evolved, and why you should consider it for your storage infrastructure. The book explores key differences in NetApp's flash storage solutions: NetApp Flash Cache, Flash Pool, all-flash FAS, and the EF-Series. You'll also learn five strategies for using Flash in your next storage project. In that classic For Dummies style, you'll get some useful tips on how to best incorporate flash in your IT environment.

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Not Your Average ACH: 4 Reasons to Consider a Payment Network

According to the Institute of Financial Operations (IFO), nearly 30% of organizations have a defined strategy to migrate to electronic business-to-business payments, and are in process of executing that strategy.

In this new white paper by IFO, learn:
  • Key trends driving urgency around AP's migration to e-payments
  • Common barriers to adoption, and tips to overcoming them
  • What a B2B electronic payment network is and how it works
  • 4 ways payments networks uniquely address hurdles commonly seen with in-house managed ACH programs
Download this report to learn more about addressing the obstacles of the payments landscape.

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Video: Outgrow Existing Network Monitoring Tools

Vess Bakalov, founder of SevOne, discusses the history surrounding SevOne and the benefits of using SevOne technology. Get an immersed view into why SevOne is the best choice for growing companies that need to consolidate existing monitoring tools.

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Improving Employee and Customer Experience: A Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect companies to proactively respond to customer service concerns before they turn into legitimate, deeply entrenched problems. Being able to keep track of communications and use that information in a collaborative, efficient manner improves both customer and employee experiences within a company.

Appian’s Business Process Management (BPM) platform not only assists in achieving these customer experience goals, but also ensures that employees are able to mobilize resources and communicate with customers in real-time.

This guide – Improving Employee And Customer Experience, focuses on how businesses can use Appian’s BPM tools to:

  • Accelerate decision cycles
  • Empower employees
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Track customer interactions

In a world where a large percentage of communications with customers occurs over social networks, being able to track conversations across various platforms, in an integrated way, is of the utmost importance.

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Top Undervalued 2015 VoIP Innovations

Our new white paper invites you to explore new and relevant opportunities with a list of the most undervalued phone system features capable of revolutionizing the way you interact with your employees and customers.

We investigate:
  • Unified Communication and its specific functionalities
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, VoIP and Contact Center systems
  • Applicability and relevance of features for different businesses
  • And much more!
Get your guide now!

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3G/4G Digital Signage Guide

Combined with cloud-enabled network management and content delivery systems, 3G and 4G wireless broadband networks are propelling digital signage deployments at an accelerated pace. In countless venues, digital signage networked via wireless broadband cellular signal penetrates hard-to-reach locations and new markets, and can achieve a faster return on investment.

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Creating the Best Mobile App Strategy

Mobile has become standard in the enterprise with smartphones and tablets common in the workplace. Anywhere, anytime access to company systems is expected and systems must work flawlessly on these devices! This demand is requiring that corporate IT departments figure out the best mobile strategy to follow.

This eBook looks at how to kick start your mobile application strategy by answering the following questions:
  • Why go mobile?
  • What are the three primary mobile application types?
  • What type of app should you build first?
Get this eBook for help defining your mobile app strategy!

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Don't Just Produce Content - Deliver Results

When it comes to content, rich media is having a greater effect on search engine rankings than ever before. Rich media has also flattened the traditional text-based click distribution curve on SERPs, delivering a higher CTR for listings lower on the page. Ask yourself, is SEO your primary content channel? It should be because organic traffic captures 40% of revenue. Download now to find out how.

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Don't Let Competitors Hijack Your Mobile Traffic

Tablets and smartphones already make up 35% of organic search traffic and very soon the majority of search traffic will be mobile. Start turning the tables on your competitors today by discovering common mobile errors, implementing clear cut mobile SEO techniques, and understanding why mobile configuration is not a one-size-fits-all solution for Marketers.

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Don't Let Secure Search Leave You Out in the Cold

The Secure Search paradigm shift forces SEO professionals to use an entirely different approach to SEO management. Adapting to this revolutionary change is mandatory. This Secure Search white paper unlocks the door to SEO success.

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Kick Start Your Mobile App Strategy

Mobile has become standard in the enterprise with smartphones and tablets common in the workplace. Anywhere, anytime access to company systems is expected and systems must work flawlessly on these devices! This demand is requiring that corporate IT departments figure out the best mobile strategy to follow.

This eBook looks at how to kick start your mobile application strategy by answering the following questions:
  • Why go mobile?
  • What are the three primary mobile application types?
  • What type of app should you build first?
Get this eBook for help defining your mobile app strategy!

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Trends in Pop-up Retail: Innovative Merchandising Driven by Flexible, Dependable Mobile Connectivity

The first part of the paper will address the business case for pursuing a pop-up strategy; the second part will consider technology implementation strategies that enable a rich and secure pop-up retail experience.

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Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover

With CradlePoint as your Internet backup solution, you're ensured more uptime for your POS transactions and cloud-based services while gaining significant financial and operational benefits over wired backup solutions including: better reliability, lower operating costs, greater ease of use and management, and quicker speed to deployment.

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VOIP Mobility Solutions

Switching from an analog system to a VOIP Phone System and the mobility options VOIP provides, could put you ahead of the competitive edge. “VOIP Mobility Solutions” will help give you insight into why switching to a VOIP Phone System will help your business with
  1. Improved productivity
  2. Connections with more qualified job candidates
  3. Optimizing communication efficiency
Get your free version of this resource today, so you can help increase your company's competitive edge!

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VOIP Systems The Vital Basics

VOIP Service and Systems are increasing the ease of communication amongst companies. Transitioning from an analog system to a VOIP system doesn't have to be intimidating. “VOIP Systems – The Vital Basics,” will provide you with:
  1. What VOIP is and how it works
  2. The key factors to choosing the right VOIP System for your business
Download this valuable resource today so you can make the proper choice to fit your business needs.

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Vehicles Best Practices Installation Guide

Power in automotive systems is not stable and is often subject to fluctuations and noise. Proper installation of the power conditioning devices in relation to the hardware you are trying to protect is important. With the Vehicle Best Practices Installation Guide you will learn the background on the problems and solutions as well as guidance for the installation of in-vehicle networks as well as guidance to overcome these obstacles.

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Which VOIP Vendor Wins the Customer Tug of War

Transitioning to a VOIP Phone System can be a very time consuming and confusing process. “Which VOIP Vendor Wins the Customer Tug of War” is designed to
  1. Give you an overview of the top VOIP vendors
  2. Help guide you with choosing the best VOIP Service and System Provider
  3. Compare features and benefits to help guide you with your purchasing decision
Download this valuable resource today so you can make the best purchasing decision for your business!

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Why Some VOIP Providers Hope You Are Stupid

Cheaper long-distance calls, easy networking and gaining competitive edge are all smart business reasons why companies are switching from analog phone service for the faster, more cost-effective VOIP. “Why Some VOIP Providers Hope You Are Stupid,” will help offer insight as well as address:
  1. What VOIP is and how it works
  2. What kind of myths VOIP Suppliers hope you fall for
  3. How to make a wise purchasing decision
Do not let providers laugh all the way to the bank with your companies' money.

Before switching providers or upgrading, download this white paper to find out what you need to know and look for when evaluating VOIP communication options.

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iPad CTO Kit - including the iPad Tips and Tricks Guide for IT Executives and Managers

The iPad CTO Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your IT Management related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your IT Management research:
  • iPad Tips and Tricks - A Guide for Executives and Managers
  • Schneider Electric: Riverbed Cloud Steelhead Appliances Support IT Migration to Cloud Computing, SaaS and IaaS
  • 2014 Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites
  • Mobile Login Best Practices

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Cloud Enabling Your Mainframe Data: The Verastream Edge

This two-page solution brief provides an overview of problems and solutions.

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End-User Survey: The 'Real' Benefits of Video

This survey report of 4737 current business video users provides a top-level view of survey data, along with some additional findings and observations.

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Expand the User Experience in Video Conferencing

“Video is the new voice.” So goes the thinking in many organizations today, where employees are increasingly working remotely from home offices, satellite offices, client sites and the road. But even as companies grow increasingly virtual—and increasingly global—they continue to see budget cuts that limit travel and demand a clear return on investment from any new technology deployment. Enter video conferencing, which boosts productivity, cuts costs, decreases cycle times, speeds decision-making, and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

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Great Mobile User Experience: It's All About Your Audience

Seventy percent of mobile apps are abandoned after the first use. To avoid this fate, your solution needs to create a rich User Experience (UX), incorporating social media and brand loyalty. Doing so requires a deep understanding of your users, what they're looking to do, and how. Check out Mobiquity's paper “UX- It's all About Your Audience.” In it, they discuss:
  • The necessity for research, feedback and users' interaction
  • The role of visual designers in app development
  • How analytics can continually help improve your apps
Discover how to create effective and engaging mobile interfaces that keep customers coming back.

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Mainframe Applications and the MQ-Enabled Multi-Tier World

This solution brief evaluates the need for MQ-enabling COBOL applications as a path to service enablement. It also presents a practical option that does not disturb COBOL code thereby reducing the risk and time associated with service enablement initiatives.

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Mainframe Service Enablement: How Attachmate Gets You There

This two-page solution brief focuses on the mainframe challenge and the importance of using standards-based technologies in any integration project.

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Mobile Video Collaboration: The New Business Reality

A new business reality is emerging across all segments of the business spectrum, and it is creating opportunity and challenges that must be considered and planned for today. The new reality is the product of the convergence of mobility, video, and collaboration, driven by three mega trends:
  • The consumerization of IT driven by the use of consumer-oriented devices and applications crossing over into the SMB and enterprise markets
  • The increased adoption and usage of video conferencing across the consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets
  • Technology advances in the underlying foundation of mobile video driven by rapidly growing network broadband capacity and compounded by the growth of video-capable mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

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Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce with Apps You Already Have

Learn how you can unlock your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange assets and make them seamlessly accessible to your mobile audience.

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Video Conferencing, A TCO Analysis: A Look at What Companies Really Spend

This research study looks at all of these cost areas, broken down by vendor, with data harmonized on a cost per endpoint basis, providing a snapshot of what actual companies are spending to deploy video conferencing. These costs focus on highly relevant areas including network investment, hardware investment, licensing costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses. The end result is a set of data that will assist IT leaders in evaluating the total cost of ownership of implementing solutions from leading video conferencing vendors.

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How the Cloud is Reshaping Virtual Desktops

Discover the benefits of independence from your physical desktop computer infrastructure.

Desktop computing has become an increased cost burden for IT, and a source of frustration for tech-savvy users who expect more flexibility. Cloud-hosted desktops enable companies to mitigate the complexity placed on IT while reducing the risks associated with lost or stolen devices, all at a reduced TCO.

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Four Data Threats in a Post-PC World

As we enter a post-PC world, four threats have emerged to challenge data security--BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile devices, cloud storage and social networks. This white paper will describe each of these threats and give you best practices to successfully manage them.

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