Asterisk on Gumstix

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 12-Apr-2007 12:16

Well, having installed Trixbox on an old Dell Optiplex, and successfully set up a PBX for my small (2 person) office, I decided I needed to try something a bit more difficult. I don't like things that are too easy, and Trixbox almost falls into that category!

There is a more serious point to this than just geeking around, as a client wants me to build my Asterisk skills and develop some proofs of concept.

I decided to try to run Asterisk on a tiny Gumstix computer. This is not exactly pioneering stuff, although there are some rough edges to the existing process for installing AstLinux on the device.

I am still awaiting arrival* of the Gumstix. When it arrives, I will document the process of installing Astlinux on it and getting it to work as a PBX, on this blog.

* There were strange problems associated with shipping the unit to NZ so it has had to come via London, which added extra problems, including a rather hefty £34 VAT and duty charge, despite the fact it was only touching down in London before coming here. Grrrrr ...

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Comment by ylee, on 13-Apr-2007 07:13

please keep us posted on your progress. As I look into the gumstix computer, the more potential I see.

Good luck!

-- Will do! -- Rob.

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