The Linutop

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 21-Jun-2007 20:19

Here's another small Linux computer, the Linutop. I can see several uses, beyond the suggested school/museum/shopping mall.

1. Take it to client sites to troubleshoot odd network behaviour -- easy enough to borrow a screen and keyboard. Lighter than a laptop to lug around.

2. Thin client (of course).

3. Much cheaper than a laptop, so great when visiting friends or staying in a billet -- you could take this and borrow their screen and keyboard without the awkwardness of asking to either use their computer or boot their computer from you USB drive.

4. Asterisk (of course). Probably easier to deal with than a Gumstix. (Alhough not as much fun.)

5. Automated home stuff.

It's very 'green'.

It got me wondering. Could I live without a 'proper' computer? Could I survive with just a Linutop and the following ...

* Amazon EC2 compute cloud for my development projects.
* Gmail or webmail provided by my email providers
* Google Docs for my docs
* my N80 for media apps ?

Ah. but what about managing my photos ... ? Watching DVDs? And sometimes I have to use Dreamweaver, Fireworks etc.

Nah ... maybe I won't ditch my PowerBook just yet ...

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Comment by freitasm, on 21-Jun-2007 21:54

That's really neat - very geeky!

Comment by nicekiwi9, on 12-Apr-2008 17:33

where can i get one in new zealand?

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