Is this the most valuable app ever?

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 23-Jun-2007 20:12

I am English. I may have lived outside England more years than I ever lived in England, but I still insist on a correcly made cup of tea.

It can be hard to combine being a geek and being a pedant when it comes to tea-making. It is all too easy to become absorbed in a geek task and let the tea stew.

However, today I stumbled across this, and I wasn't even stumbling.

In all my days of computing, I have never come across an app as valuable as this.

It is a Mac OS X app that tells you via a discreet Growl notification that your tea has finished steeping and is ready to drink.

If you haven't used Growl, I recommend it.

OK, well, maybe there are more valuable apps out there. I was joking. I think.

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Comment by juha, on 23-Jun-2007 23:05

So, you take a bag of raspberry flavoured tea and a cup of water and stick it into the microwave... what's the right amount of time?

Author's note by robscovell, on 23-Jun-2007 23:25

Raspberry tea in the microwave? Raspberry's tricky. I'd give it 16 mins, 54 secs. Full power. Your best bet, though, is to look in Mrs Beeton's cookery book. I believe she wrote down microwave power/timing combinations for a range of situations.

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