Toto Washlet

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 4-Jul-2007 14:12

This has to be the strangest ad I have ever seen. And the most bizarre use for an embedded computer.

I thought it was a spoof but it's real.

The Toto Washlet is a toilet seat that intelligently washes and dries your bum.

The Flash ad on the site starts off by showing you the actors' bums with big smileys over them.

It's hilarious watching the people on the Flash presentation talking about this device while remaining polite. It's hard to forget you were looking at their bums just a few moments ago.

I have put it under the "Small Computers" category because it contains one. According to the Flash ad, it contains "technology you would normally associate with your laptop."

Some of the claims are rather odd ... this will make you feel 'more confident'. It can turn "good air" into "bad air". It senses your presence and opens up for you. It then flushes the toilet for you.

If you leave the Flash movie running, they repeatedly wiggle their heads and raise their eyebrows at you with rather inane grins.

If this were advertised in NZ or Britain, I would imagine it would be a very different ad ...

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Author's note by robscovell, on 4-Jul-2007 14:32

Hmmm ... I just noticed the tech support number on their site. I hope they've debugged the firmware well. Imagine sitting down and using this thing, having it malfunction in some bizarre and 'unhappy' way, and then having to stay on the line waiting for tech support. I hope users have the sense to retain a toilet roll as backup.

Comment by scruss, on 4-Jul-2007 23:19

These loos are pretty standard luxury fare in Japan, and there are stores devoted to them in Toronto's giant Asian malls. They're pretty alarming the first time you use one, but they are effective.

Comment by Artez Bailey, on 9-Jul-2007 15:55

Hey, one of those butts in that ad is mine -- LOL Sincerely, Artez The guy w/ the dreads

Comment by The Dog, on 9-Aug-2007 10:21

Does a world where depletion of natural resources and water pollution is commonplace really need a wasteful bum washer like this? Use a leaf's environmentally friendly and gets the job done.

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