Old phone has arrived

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 5-Jul-2007 15:02

The phone has arrived. I am impressed at the quality of its condition.

  • the bell works when you turn the handle
  • the wires are not frayed much at all
  • no sign of any borer or rot in the wood
  • the handset needs a bit of cleaning but has no damage
  • there are two massive cells dating from 1974 that look to be in good condition
  • the handle is a bit stiff, but that's not important
  • the hook switch appears to work fine and responds to the weight of the handset
Here is my plan of action:
  1. Wire up the handset to test it with a regular phone
  2. Disconnect the wind-up dynamo to stop it damaging anything
  3. Use an ATA to test that the bell works with a regular ring signal
  4. ... to be continued ...

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Comment by taniwha, on 5-Jul-2007 19:30

my dad's got a bunch of those in the shed.

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