By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 12-Jul-2007 13:52

This article claims to turn an ordinary nerd into a "SUPER LINUX GURU".

Yes, it shows you how to create RAIDs on USB sticks.

The article is not entirely serious ... but I *can* see some uses for such a thing.

Here are instructions for a floppy disk RAID.

Why? Here's why:

"Why not? I had just set up my 2 firewire drives and thought, "Can I RAID USB Floppy DRIVES"? I happen to work for Y-E DATA which is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of USB Floppy Drives, so I have access to these things. I had just been going through a pile of returns testing the drives for failure. There are always a few that are fine though, so I got 5 of them for this very important scientific feat."

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Comment by barf, on 12-Jul-2007 14:10

another cool trick is using a USB disk to store the encryption key for a device-mapper crypto (LUKS) filesystem. lock down the system with a USB disk removal some Ubuntu developers are working on GUI integration too.

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