Who needs 128k RAM anyway?

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 13-Jul-2007 17:41

A friend's blog on a Sinclair Spectrum emulator jerked me into 80s computing nostalgia. I started hunting around for Dragon 32 stuff.

I came across this classic quote from THE NEWSLETTER OF THE NATIONAL DRAGON USERS GROUP.

... the Dragon+ board, sure, it has its uses, but all most people want is a straight rep1acement for the 6847 chip and a modified ROM, to provide an 80 column display with true lower case. Not difficult, surely?. Who NEEDS 128k anyway?...you have to be an exceptionally bad programmer to use THAT much memory!.

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Comment by Ralph Corderoy, on 13-Jul-2007 21:04

You probably know of this site already, but just in case: http://www.dragon-archive.co.uk/

Author's note by robscovell, on 13-Jul-2007 22:59

Hi Ralph,
Yes, I've come across that -- great site! I found Jerusalem Adventure on it -- a game that frustrated me as a teenager and is now frustrating me again 20 years on!

Comment by scruss, on 13-Jul-2007 23:58

I had a D64, briefly. My friend Alan Cook was a leading light in the later Dragon scene; he's now a solicitor. Oh, and I met Duncan Smeed a couple of times. Do I have Dragon cred? Hi again, Ralph. I haven't used groff in ages ...

Comment by paradoxsm, on 14-Jul-2007 00:31

ahh but do you have a real spectrum sitting in front of you? Shame some knobs cut the cords off for the 12c of copper, i had to rewire the thing.

Author's note by robscovell, on 14-Jul-2007 10:25

You met Duncan Smeed? Yes, I think you have Dragon cred!

I chucked out "Inside the Dragon" a while ago. I am now regretting it ...

Comment by DribblingBadger, on 28-Nov-2007 22:09

Talking of Dragon cred, how much cred would I get if I told you my bro Tony Clarke was the MD of Dragon Data in Swansea ? 3 truckloads maybe....or just a barrow full ?

It was he that brought the tandy CoCo back from the States and got it reversed engineered for manufacture by Mettoy.  Ah, the joys of nepotist links that could get you free hardware.



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