I am back, and programming Python now ...

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 21-Aug-2008 22:42

Well, it's been a very strange year indeed, and not very geeky, with a lot of upheavals in my personal life. However, I'm not going to blog about those ...
I have discovered Python, in a big way. It all started because I got involved with a project (very strict NDA) for a client that uses Python. I'd never really looked at it before ... my coding history was Fortran (at first), then C, C++, Genstat (an obscure statistical modelling package with a powerful  Fortran-like scripting language [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GenStat[/url]), lots and lots of Perl for web backends and web crawling, some Java (which I've used a lot but never really liked), lots of PHP and a tiny smidge of C# ...
Well, I am seriously enthusiastic about Python. Not quite in the same way Pentecostalists are about God, but not far off. 
I can use it for:
  • web backends using Django
  • my mystery top-secret project with a tight NDA
  • Asterisk AGI scripting
  • the icing on the cake: Apple Cocoa projects
It is also fast becoming the language of choice for mobile devices, a field I am increasingly involved in:

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Comment by hellonearthisman, on 22-Aug-2008 04:16

I like that google uses python for their app center.

Comment by Ralph Corderoy, on 22-Aug-2008 21:37

Hi Rob, welcome to the club. I picked up Python after a lot of Perl 4 and 5. What a relief. Such a cleaner syntax. Cheers, Ralph.

Author's note by robscovell, on 22-Aug-2008 23:18

Hi Ralph,
Yeah, I was needing to reinvigorate my coding -- getting bored with what I was doing -- and Python was just the thing. Rob

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