Form factors and price points

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 20-Jul-2009 08:58

I'm OK with most of the jargon of our profession, but there are two expressions I can't stand:
"Form factor" = geometry "Price point" = price
"Small form-factor PC at a favourable price point" = small cheap computer

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Comment by scruss, on 20-Jul-2009 11:42

It's annoying, but I think they are a hangover from computing's more precise origins. Form factor is very strictly defined when you're using rackmount kit: 1U, 2U, 3U, etc - but they're still important in netbooks, MiniITX and so on. Price points are specific marketing boundaries, such as sub-$1000, $399, etc - beyond which there's a perceived leap in value

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