Apple, What is UK English?

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 13-Dec-2009 17:26

In the iPhone app submission process, you have to provide information in the languages of the stores your app will appear in. Here are the versions of English that Apple need your descriptions to be in:

  • English

  • Canadian English

  • Australian English

  • UK English

WHAT! UK English? But 'English' is the language of England, and anything else should have a qualifier. And what is UK English anyway? There is English, the language of England, but also Scottish English and Ulster English and Welsh English, and they each have their nuances. 

In Apple's world, 'English' obviously means 'US English'. 

If Apple were Quebecois, would they call Canadian French, 'French', and the French of France, 'France French'? Or 'French French'? 

Of course, my surprise is feigned, as I have long experience with L10n/I18n, and I am used to this. But it is always mildly irritating that 'UK English' is considered a qualifiable variation on 'English', the language spoken in the USA ...

I suppose I just have to remind myself that I do in fact have 'a life' and should get back to it and stop worrying about things like this ...

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Comment by hellonearthisman, on 13-Dec-2009 20:23


Comment by alasta, on 14-Dec-2009 15:16

I recently set my Macbook Pro for 'British English' and the on-the-fly spellcheck keeps on telling me that I'm misspelling words like "organise" and "colour". It seems pointless to support different dialects if they all behave like US English!

Comment by Crispin M, on 14-Dec-2009 22:03

I haven't seen a Mac mark "colour" as incorrect when the language is set to UK English, but the reason that "organise" is marked as incorrect is that both the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries prefer the "-ize" form of all of these words, and have done for years.

Comment by Behodar, on 15-Dec-2009 15:23

If you're running 10.6 then you'll need to explicitly change the spellchecker language under the "Text" tab. In 10.5 and earlier you didn't need to do this additional step.
However, on my machine at least, it keeps resetting itself to US!

Comment by alasta, on 15-Dec-2009 19:28

Thanks for the tip, Behodar. I just tried that and it worked perfectly. 

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