rsync and Time Machine instead of svn for small project

By Rob Scovell, in , posted: 13-Feb-2010 10:31

I'm working on a small project on a remote server. I'm using TextWrangler to edit the files and save back over 'SFTP' (I prefer to call it scp but what the hell). 
I *could* set up svn for code management but I'm the only developer and I decided to do something different just for the hell of it. It works for me so why not. 
When I have a working version and I'm ready to move onto the next coding stage, I rsync it to my Snow Leopard machine, go to the Time Machine icon on the menu bar and hit 'Backup Now'. Then if I want to go back, I can just get the old stuff out the Time Machine. 
Doesn't give me the fill gamut of what svn gives but it works for a small project like this. 

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Comment by James, on 13-Feb-2010 12:47

Seems like a pretty hodge-podge system. You should look at something like mercurial, one of these days I'm going to get around to replacing my very spread-out subversion repository (website development so each site gets it's own active branch) with mercurial.

Author's note by robscovell, on 13-Feb-2010 14:01

Yeah, hodgepodge, very.
Cool. Python too. I like. Thanks!

Comment by Ralph Corderoy, on 14-Feb-2010 04:08

One of Mercurial's main competitors is also Python; Bazaar, backed by Canonical and used heavily in producing Ubuntu. Bell Labs used to do something similar during their development of Plan 9. Their filesystem would be snapshotted once a day, novel at the time, and they'd often diff two days' source trees to see what had changed.

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