Wellington Diesel Spill

By Ross Colebrooke, in , posted: 28-Sep-2009 16:26

If you are on a motorbike, and heading from Wellington up State Highway One, in the rain, do not expect any sympathy from the Police.

I got stopped multiple times for lane sharing, when the traffic was not moving. It has taken me around 70 minutes to get home, via Haywards.

Good luck for those of you still stuck in the traffic!

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-Sep-2009 16:53

Check out the webcams!



Some serious snarl up there.

Comment by dman, on 28-Sep-2009 18:03

what is the big deal, looks like a typical day on auckland motorways.....

Comment by psycik, on 28-Sep-2009 20:42

Yeah they're not sympathic.  Not sure how legal it is either.  I got done for dangerous driving "lane sharing".  So be careful.

Comment by nate, on 29-Sep-2009 16:20

Lane sharing is when you weave inbetween slow moving traffic?  Is that illegal?

News to me...

Comment by sarg, on 3-Oct-2009 05:28

if you pass stationary traffic on the left there is no offence.  If its moving? 

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