What planet is Helen Clark on?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 13-Jun-2007 10:51

Reading the Dom Post this morning I couldn't help but notice Helen Clark's comments in this story (which will only be valid for a week until Stuff archive their article).

Helen Clark has shunned the idea of a common currency but has suggest a compromise - a single trans-tasman telephone calling rate.


Miss Clark instead suggested closer collaboration in telecommunications markets. The key to both countries' prosperity was joining forces in areas of complementary strengths.

"My dream would be to see two trans-Tasman telecommunications markets offering one domestic rate of calling. That would be fantastic for families, business, travellers, the lot."

Yet more proof of how out of touch our Prime Minister really is.

Toll plans are already available from virtually all telecommunications providers offering bundled calling rates to NZ and Australia. Telecom's package is probably the most popular delivering residential users 6000 minutes per month to NZ or Australia for $25 per month. VoIP has also delivered more than that - it's now enabling businesses to use VoIP providers in both NZ and Australia to avoid the costs incurred using traditional PSTN solutions and deliver far greater flexibility. A business can now have both NZ and Australian telephone numbers and pay less per month that what Telecom NZ will charge you for a standard business PSTN phone line.

It's obviously she opened her mouth (yet again) without bothering to check her facts first..

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Comment by Cynic, on 13-Jun-2007 14:16

Your comment "It's obviously she opened her mouth (yet again) without bothering to check her facts first.." makes me laugh - are we surprised ???

I can see the Tui billboards now:

Helen Clark...Informed and In touch .....Yeah Right!!

Author's note by sbiddle, on 13-Jun-2007 16:41

It's also rather ironic that if you're a mobile customer such as somebody on You Choose that you're probably paying less for calls to Australia than what you are for calls inside NZ!

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