Oh no it's the return of the Christmas Carol

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 1-Dec-2007 08:50

If you're a a retail outlet and want my business in the leadup to xmas then steer clear of the carols.

I guarantee I'll be walking out of your shop at the hint of away in a manger and will support stores who are interested in keeping their customers and not scaring them away! :-)

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 1-Dec-2007 10:50


Comment by alasta, on 1-Dec-2007 12:30

I agree completely. I usually wait at the bus stop outside Kircaldies when I travel home each evening and I'm getting sick of being subjected to the annoying Christmas music that they have playing through speakers in the overhead shelter.

Comment by Frank, on 1-Dec-2007 13:16

I could not agree more! However some of us retailers do not have much any choice in the matter...

Comment by nate, on 1-Dec-2007 14:22

At least you know the words and can sing along!

Comment by allan, on 2-Dec-2007 15:50

Sounds a just a little bah-humbug.....  

Comment by paradoxsm, on 2-Dec-2007 19:49

I do not know the words to any christmas songs asides from jingle bells batman smells robin ran away.

I was at Sylvia park Friday and bought $300 worth of clothing as well as fitted a suit,, from the only 2 stores that were void of christmas carols. (the other shop was so bad I could not even go there to buy the RTR countdown shirt I wanted.)

Play them in the week leading up to christmas maybe but not way back in November ARGH!!!!!

And remember, buy Kiwi-made this Christmas. (Which means you can totally avoid The Warehouse)

Comment by mobygeek, on 3-Dec-2007 11:05

We have the radio on, can't help it if they play carols? They were threatening to play the first carol of the year back in February, from memory... Sometimes I would like to shoot the radio!

Comment by lugh, on 3-Dec-2007 12:25

What? Is Christmas coming? I hadn't noticed. ;-) @paradoxsm - ironically The Warehouse have posters up saying they proudly support Kiwimade.

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