Why Fairfax can't be trusted to supply accurate news.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 26-Feb-2008 18:50

Yet again Fairfax have shown how poor their journalists/editorial staff/sub editors/online editors are by yet again creating misleading headlines.

Today Stuff features with a story entitled "111 failure: Police weren't sent to knife-point robbery"

Maybe somebody would like to tell me where the 111 service actually failed? The 111 service worked perfectly, the 111 call was answered by Telecom and then transferred through to the Northcom which is a joint Police/NZFS Communications Centre in Auckland.

These communications centres are not the 111 service.

No failure occured with the 111 service and in this situation the 111 service performed exactly as it's supposed to.

The headline should have read "Police Communications Centre Failure - Police weren't sent to knife-point robbery"

How many times do the media need to have this explained to them before they're capable of grasping such a simple concept? It's an error that they've made numerous times in the past and still continue to make.


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Comment by weblordpepe, on 27-Feb-2008 03:27

Once again, someone who did no wrong will suffer, and widespread misinformation & ignorance ensues. Who do they have typing those articles anyway? There's so many damn typing errors.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 27-Feb-2008 06:19

Radio NZ have annoyed me this morning as well by also describing the "111 failure"

Some of these people who love critisising the communications centres should try working there themselves for a day - I guarantee most would be on stress leave before they're half way through a shift.

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