Analogue TV shut off in NZ - Correcting the media FUD.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 20-Nov-2008 17:56

We all know that the mainstream media sometimes struggles with getting their basic facts right and today is no different.

The NZ Herald have reported on a NZPA story today incorrectly reporting that analogue TV broadcasts will probably be shut down in new Zealand in 2012. This is nothing but FUD.

New Zealand broadcasters planned to switch off analogue television services once the 75 per cent threshold was reached or in 2012, whichever came first.

This statement is incorrect. There are no plans to shut off analogue TV in New Zealand once uptake reaches 75 or 2012, whichever comes first.

To quote the Ministry of Economic Development who hold this responsibility

(b) Setting a Switch-off Date

10. Free-to-air digital television (DTV) needs to establish itself, and time is needed to assess take-up rates and the public response to DTV. An initial target date (or range) for ASO will therefore only be announced once total DTV penetration reaches around 60%. Following this, a firm date will be set once penetration reaches around 75%, or in 2012 – whichever is first.

Is it very clear that a date for ASO (analogue shutoff) will be announced in 2012 or when uptake reaches 75%. ASO will NOT occur in 2012 or when 75% of households have digital TV. 

Industry expectations at present are that the Government will confirm a date for ASO around mid to late 2012 with the ASO date based on projections of approximately 90% of households having access to digital TV. This date is expected to be in the 2013 - 2016 region with estimates at present of this occuring around 2014.

There have been several other reports in the media lately that ASO will occur in 2012. This is not correct.

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Comment by rscole86, on 21-Nov-2008 07:41

The FUD does not stop with the media, there are a lot of retailers who go and spread it too.

Comment by simon14, on 21-Nov-2008 10:39

Turn it off now i say - you snooze u loose.

Comment by scottpalmer, on 21-Nov-2008 18:40

ASO COULD occur in 2012 if penetration reaches 75% before then and they at that point decide on 2012 as the year for ASO. All depends on how well the retailers sell it ;-)

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