Air NZ Airbus A320 crashes off the coast of France.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 28-Nov-2008 08:02

An Air NZ A320 has crashed off the coast of France this morning with 7 crew missing.

From reading reports on this Aircraft was in service with Air NZ as rego ZK-OJL and has been on lease to German Airline XL Airways flying under rego D-AXLA. Reports are it was undergoing routine maintenance and was on it's way back to NZ to commence flying again under Air NZ colours from the 1st December.

More news as it comes to hand..

UPDATE 08:16 - Reports are the aircract had undergone it's C check and was undergoing an acceptance flight with 2 XL crew and 5 Air NZ Crew on board.

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Comment by portege, on 28-Nov-2008 09:16

Comment by DataCraft, on 28-Nov-2008 17:49

hey steve whats to be that its a computer fail.

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