BP got pwned again.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 29-May-2007 17:06

Following on from my post yesterday BP Raises petrol prices by 8c per litre and rips of Kiwi motorists (again) my prediction that BP's 8c price increase was completely unsubstanciated has yet again been proven correct. They have been hung out to dry by the other major fuel companies who this afternoon raised their prices by 5c per litre to 156.9 forcing BP to cut their price by 3c per litre to match them. This is exactly the type of games BP have been playing over the past 3 weeks and follows on from my post last week about BP getting pwned.

Has anybody also noticed how the AA always used to criticise fuel price increases until BP started being the main culprit? It's obviously pure coincidence that around the same time as this BP hopped into bed with the AA. In the old days George Fairbain from the AA would be out accusing the fuel companies of ripping off customers. Now that it's their partner you hear very little..

I'm reckon everybody should boycott BP, it least it would send Peter Griffiths a blunt message that consumers don't want to be ripped off...Looking at it from another perspective  however maybe the fact that so many dumb consumers are happy to pay 8c per litlre more for fuel is all the proof they need that there is nothing wrong with their current strategy?

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BP Raises petrol prices by 8c per litre and rips of Kiwi motorists (again)

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 28-May-2007 21:23

Does this sound like a repeat? That's because it is a repeat of my post last week.

In what is a repeat of the past 3 weekends of cheap fuel BP have been the first major chain to raise prices, this time by 8c per litre raising the price of petrol to 159.9 for a litre of 91 unleaded.

My pick is that by tomorrow morning BP will be forced to back down from this increase because nobody else will follow with an 8c price increase and I'll pick fuel prices dropping back to 157.9.

You're pathetic BP. You spend money advertising "cheap fuel weekends" and then rip Kiwi motorists off by being the first to raise prices to a point more than they were before the weekend started, and for the 3rd weekend in a row you're going to get pwned big time when nobody else follows suit.

And to all the mororists out there who support BP - how about spending your money elsewhere rather than supporting a company who's only interested in ripping every hard earned cent they can from you?

BP got pwned

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 22-May-2007 20:44

Following on from yesterday's post (BP raises fuel prices. Unsuspecting Kiwi customers ripped off) it's obvious today that BP's attempt to raise petrol prices forced them to back down yet again. Both Shell and Caltex raised prices to 157.9 this morning. Mobil only increased their price to 156.9 forcing BP to cut 4c per litre off their price and all other's to drop 1c and match the Mobil price.

It's interesting to read BP trying to get bragging rights about reducing petrol by 5c for the second weekend in a row. Maybe Peter Griffiths would like to explain why BP feel it necessary on both Monday mornings to increase petrol back to a point higher than the previous Friday? Your customers know you're scamming them.

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BP raises fuel prices. Unsuspecting Kiwi customers ripped off.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 21-May-2007 16:36

Yet again the wonderful folks at BP have lead the way in ripping off Kiwi's by raising their fuel prices by 8c per litre this afternoon.

Fuel prices dropped by 5c per litre of Friday from 157.9 for a litre of 91 to 152.9 over the weekend.

A completely unscientific survey on my way home today (driving past 9 petrol stations) indicates that while BP have raised their price to 160.9 all other companies have remained at 152.9

Don't support these idiots.  I wouldn't even buy a packet of chewing gum from them. They're the PPI (petrol price increase) leaders in the New Zealand marketplace.

UPDATE @ 22:00 Shell have moved their price to 157.9 which is the same as it was on Friday. My money is on BP dropping their price in the morning to match that and pretending this never happened. The problem is customers are a lot smarter than you think.

TVNZ bring V8 Supercars to Freeview

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 16-May-2007 16:12

If you're a V8 Supercars fan there's now a good reason to convince your wife or husband why you should be allowed to fork out for a Freeview box. TVNZ have announced today that they will be broadcasting the remainder of the 2007 V8 Supercars season live and interrupted on TVNZ Sports Extra, a Freeview only channel.

Full details http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411749/1121229

Why are NZ business's being ripped off by Telcos?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 6-May-2007 19:57

With all the discussions lately in regards to mobile pricing in NZ and the claims by numerous industry commentators and MP's that we're paying far too much in NZ to use a mobile phone it struck me as surprising that while we seem obsessed by the pricing of mobile calls and termination rates for landline to mobile calls nobody seems to be concerned about landline call prices as a whole.

TelstraClear have just launched a new Business product into the marketplace called BizLine which gives you the option of "flat rate" calling available on two of their plans.

These rates represent significant discounts over what many small to medium sized business users may already be paying. Why however should business users be paying such a huge premium compared to residential users?

Slingshot offers residential line rental for $42.95 per month and a $19.95 monthly charge on top of that gives you unlimited calling anywhere in New Zealand or Australia.

Telecom offers residential line rental for  $43.60 per month and a $25 monthly charge gives you Talk It Up Downunder which gives 6000 minutes per month to New Zealand or Australia.

ihug offers residential line rental for $41.00 per month and a $20 monthly charge gives you talk2 which offers unlimited calling anywhere in NZ or you can pay an extra $5 ($25 total) for talk2-nz+aus which gives unlimited calling to New Zealand or Australia.

It's obvious if you're a residential customer you're getting all the deals while anybody running a business (including those with a home business) are being ripped off for receiving exactly the same service.

Should business users be paying similair rates to home users for receiving exactly the same service? Why are business users not complaing about the high rates they are paying? Are business people making so much money they simply don't care about being ripped off? Why are TUANZ not raising this issue? Ernie Newman seems to love being in the media splotlight, I'm sure he could get some distance with this.

The move towards VoIP is going to seriously hurt telco's who being that price gouging is a perfectly acceptible business practice. Gone will be the days of paying inflated prices for line rental and calling. That can only be good for the economy.

AACS cracked.. yet again

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 5-May-2007 08:51

If you've been following the AACS copy protection hacks (the copy protection used on Blu Ray and HD-DVD) you'll know that since the first crack appear in early January there has been ongoing battles between the
h8x0rs and the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator.

Several weeks ago it was announced that licence keys for several products  were being revocated as both WinDVD and PowerDVD has been cracked to originally break the AACS copy protection. Revoking these licences and forcing people to upgrade their software should have fixed the problem...

But the h8x0rs are smarter than that. The latest news on the Doom Forums details a firmware hack to the Microsoft external HD-DVD player which involved removing the drive's firmware chip, reading the contents and then soldering it back into the drive. It's something your average DIY consumer won't be doing but it's yet another serious setback for AACS and DRM as a whole.


Vodafone's new website - a lesson in how not to upgrade a corporate website.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 2-May-2007 20:45

Vodafone launched their new website this week.

Essentially they used their old content, added some flash new graphics and well.. they went live with it.

Therein lies the problem. If you employ monkeys and pay them peanuts you get a crap result.

Looking at some of the information on the Vodafone site it looks like this new website was ready to go live towards the end of March but was delayed. The problem is information that was updated on the old Vodafone site since then hasn't been updated on the new site.

Lets have a look at Google's cache of the Vodafone website last week here detailing You Choose. Now look at the new site here

If I was to read this I'd believe that TXT2000 is no longer a Vodafone product on You Choose. TXT1000 is now back! Yippee that respresents great value for money. But hang on here you say it is available. What's the deal?

How about this page here compared to the old cached page here?
According to Vodafone you can now send TXT's to 021/029 numbers as part of your monthy included TXT's. What a shame that's not the case and you'll be charged 20c if you send a TXT to a 021 or 029 number ported to Telecom. Where's the Commerce Commission when you need them? You finally edited the old site to reflect portability, did you run out of peanuts to feed the monkeys to get them to stay and update the new one before you cut over to it?

We can then go and have a look at the rest of the "new" site.

How about Push to Talk? Don't worry the pricing plan expired in 2005 or was that 2006? It's just sooooooo confusing.

Want to download some music? $3.50 sounds expensive for a music download but that's what the site says so it must be true... Or maybe it's the $1.99 listed on this page? I'm getting confused. Are you?

How about looking at roaming? This page links to this URL but unfortunately you get an HTTP/405 if you try it.

I'd list a few more but then I'm about to head off and watch last night's Boston Legal on my PVR.

How can a big multi national telco have such a poor website? These mistakes aren't anything new, the Vodafone website has been a disgrace for a long time. I've posted numerous blog posts in the past and despite Vodafone actually reading them (because mistakes I have pointed out have been fixed very quickly) it's obvious nobody in the company really cares which is a shame really. I'd even offered to proof read the site and look for errors in return for a month's free calling which is a bargain considering my bill is only around $100 but you're obviously not interested. Peanuts must be on special at Pak 'N Save this week. 

Cheap petrol today

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 1-May-2007 08:02

Gull this morning announced a 5c reduction for 12 hours. Not to be outdone Shell have bettered this with 6c per litre off fuel for 12 hours.

Driving past several BP stations on the way to work today I notice they're not interested in offering their customers a better deal which is hardly surprising considering they're always the first to put their prices up and the last to drop them.

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Earthquake hits Kent, United Kingdom.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 28-Apr-2007 20:20

Reports of large scale earth tremors approximately 0820 local time have been confirmed as an earthquake registering 4.7 in the richter scale as reported by the USGS.

Sitting here watching Sky News I can't believe how this is turning into the news event of the year in the UK here's a list of the last 30 earthquakes to hit New Zealand over the past few weeks!

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