Why I think 3D TV is just a FAD

, posted: 28-Apr-2010 15:22

A lot of people are talking about the upcoming release of 3D TV’s and how their going to change the way we watch TV and even the way we game. While 3D television looks and sounds exciting, will they really live up to the hype? I think not!

Who wants to wear a pair of special glasses every time they want to watch some 3D television? I couldn’t think of anything more annoying! I can understand why people are so excited about it now, but if you had a 3D TV, do you really see yourself always wearing those expensive glasses every time something 3D comes on?

What’s worse is that you’ll need a pair of 3D glasses for every person watching the TV set in 3D mode or else it will look blurry and unwatchable. These glasses aren’t cheap either, costing at least a couple of hundred bucks per pair; they aren’t the cheapest of accessories. Not to mention, each brand of glasses only works on that brand of TV, so if you think you can just bring your pair to your friends’ house and watch the same movie together, you are likely out of luck. Chances are, they’ll have universal glasses soon enough or at least have a standard of some sort but the fact that you have to put on some bulky glasses really turns me off this sexy sounding new product.

I also believe the companies who invest heavily in 3D TV’s and the content, will end up loosing out in the long run. Big blockbuster films like Avatar will do well, especially on the big screen in theatres, but the majority of the content will be crap. Do we really need to watch Shorthand Street in 3D?

The only way I ever see 3D TV’s becoming streamline and something we all use on a daily basis, is if they can create the same 3D picture without the need for glasses. If this is possible or not, I have no idea. But if that can’t happen, I honestly never believe this is going to take off.

My opinion anyway, time will tell!

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