Back to square one, after leaving linguistic behind

, posted: 22-Mar-2007 18:19

After leaving linguistics. Web Programming was the topic I went for then. After a qualification in E-Commerce I jumped into a first job I found on the newspaper. Good that they accepted me.

Telephone technician, installing PABX systems and structured cabling install. Look on the bright side, I'm one of the 2% of the country. What is this 2% refer to? you may ask. Well.. according to StatNZ there are only 2% of female Telephone technician in this country. I love my job, I love my clients although some of them gave me a sore head. But my career as a phone technician came to an end when the company went under with some big $$$ they arrear on my wages. It came back up with a different name base on the one that went. I thought I should leave then.

Good that Cisco CTC require full time, so I used that as an excuse.

Now I have a job in a local ICT company, yeah! what is my duty now... universal... really. I'm taking CCNA too, so it's good that my boss can help me out from time to time. Explaining things.

But I'm also back to the 1st square, web programming. HTML, PHP and JavaScript (not Java). I love this job too. But miss being a phone technician.

Comment by chiefie, on 22-Mar-2007 18:52

Welcome. I'm in Christchurch too and have been looking at running a bi-weekly Mini-geekzone meet up.

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New Zealand

I'm not an expert as I'm still learning, and there are lots of things I do not know. You may call me a geek in some areas of my interest. I love computer but working mainly with telephone systems. So if you think I can help you, I'd be happy to be able to help.

MAGISTER IT MAGI! That's what I want to be.