CCNA Semester 3

, posted: 27-Nov-2007 10:25

I haven’t been writing my blog for a long long time … I’m not sure if it is my laziness or simply don’t want to put my moaning and groaning of my everyday life on other people, reader, surfer. Although, I sure, some of which you guys have experience it once in awhile. That’s life …

As for me, I am now about to finish CCNA Semester 4, only a Skills Based Exam and an Online Final to go. Then I will be having a great Christmas break and after that … head down, and study more for CCNA Certificate Exam.

CCNA Semester 3, I don’t remember much of how the classes went on … I only remember so late nights studying. However, a lot of information of what we learnt in CCNA 3 shows up in CCNA 4, for example Single Area OSPF, VLAN.

For those who still have a chance to take CCNA 3 v3.1 classes, my only recommendation is, have a look at your Case Study as earliest in the piece as possible. It will help you understand more of what you have to do in Skills Based Exam at the end.

If you’re like many of us … don’t really understand what’s what in the CCNA 3, talk to your tutor, supervisor, or some folks here in Geek Zone maybe able to point you to a correct direction of which/what supplement information you should read, or perhaps an example or a scenario that will clear your picture up.

If you guys are using some free routers simulation products like NetSimK, NZ own Router simulator, and Packet Tracer, by Cisco there are limitation you should be aware of. As far as I know NetSimK has no support for routing protocol like EIGRP or OSPF. So for your best chance to deal with Case Study at home … Packet Tracer is the one to choose. Choose carefully!!

Your case study should look more business like as possible … you will have to give your client a recommendation for future improvement, products price, your quotation – pretty much. For the best result, as I found, adding some pictures of the equipment you’re going to be using … to complete the job you are quoting for.

If you want to start practicing your CCNA 3 Skills Based Exam, here is a scenario:

(I’m giving it to you as much as I can remember – but for v3.1 it shouldn’t be too much different.)

RouterA (dce) ------Serial Link ------- (dte) RouterB





       / | \                                                        / | \

    Vlan 1,2,3                                              Vlan 1,2,3

  • Configure your router with OSPF area 0
  • Basic Router/Switch Configure
  • VLAN/VTP Configuration

That's it from me for now ... I will definitely tell you more of my CCNA Semester 4 experience after I finished my exam, which is this Wednesday and next Monday. Wish me luck~~! Laughing

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