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, posted: 10-Jun-2006 12:22

After spending time and energy on CISCO CTC first paper – IT Essential I – Hardware and Software, feeling terrible and terrify enough to feel like quitting but the result isn’t to bad. “B” as I didn’t finish the lab book.


100% in practical test Laughing and doing 0.6% too much on the theory as I wished to just get 70%.


This year CTC isn’t going to let us play with electronic stuff. They send us to learn Voice and Data Cabling instead. It’s relatively easy for me as I’ve been in Telecommunication Industry for almost three years. Only problem is with terminology. I don’t seem to be able to put my head around it. The practical test isn’t far to go. I hope it’s not going to be too difficult.


IT Essential II – Network Operation System. Mainly focus on Linux this term. But they let us use RedHat 7.2 to get familiar with Linux, how funny.


I grown up with using internet on Unix and first chat based in Unix “talk”, “stalk” command. Then move onto developing a website which hosted by a Debian Linux based company. So I quite good with Linux compare to other people in class.


RedHat 7.2, is something different. I hardly ever give up on anything but I gave up on trying to get Firefox going on it.

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