my suggestions for itunes tv shows and movies and the iphone

, posted: 21-Jan-2007 16:15

It seems only itunes users in the usa can purchase tv shows and movies and itunes users in the rest of the world cannot. I really hope apple itunes make tv shows and movies available to itunes users worldwide(especially here in new zealand) this year sometime.This would be great if apple did this.

I hope by the time the apple iphone is released in New Zealand that it has 3G(HSDPA) built into it and have video calling aswell. EDGE is not available in new zealand because vodafone new zealand only has the very slow GPRS. Hopefully future versions of the apple iphone has HSDPA in all frequencies so it can be used in New Zealand,europe and america.More memory on the iphone would be great aswell. 8GB is the highest so far,but hopefully it will have a 16GB of memory because i see a few company's have introduced 16GB flash drives recently.
 I hope in the future too that Windows live messenger will be able to be downloaded onto an apple iphone so we can use this program on the apple iphone.

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