Microsoft internet explorer 7 still doesn't have an advanced download manager

, posted: 22-Jan-2007 12:15

It has been years since download managers became available,like flashget,download accelerator etc. All these download managers open multiple connections to a server when downloading the file,which makes downloads alot faster than using internet explorer's download manager which only opens a single connection to a server,so the download is slow. Internet explorer's download manager does not have a pause and resume feature. 
 I was hoping internet explorer 7 would have a more advanced download manager,but it doesn't.It would be great if microsoft upgraded the internet explorer 7 download manager to be able to support at least 3 connections to a server when users download a file and also have a pause and resume feature.
 I know some servers do not allow the use of download managers and multiple connections,so if microsoft did release an internet explorer 7 download manager upgrade,when a user downloads a file,they should be able to select to download that file using a single connection or using multiple connections.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 31-Jan-2007 16:41

IE7 in Vista does a much better job of downloading at high speeds and keeping that speed stable.

It also seems to be able to resume downloads better as well

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