My picks for top hiphop/rnb artists for 2007

, posted: 22-Jan-2007 12:39

Being a huge hiphop/rnb fan I thought I'd list my top 4 hiphop/rnb artists for 2007:

Number 1: Pussycat dolls

I am a huge fan of the all girl hiphop/r&b group, the pussycat dolls. Their debut album and all the cd singles they've released off it,have done very well all over the world. Hopefully they have a second album coming out this year and hopefully it will have some hot collaborations with hiphop/rnb artists as they did with their debut album.

Number 2: 3LW

Now i've been a huge fan of 3lw since they started out a few years ago and it's great that they are back together again and they also have a new member aswell. I have got all of 3lw's previous albums and i'm looking forward to a new album from them. I have seen their new 'feelin you' music video featuring Jermaine dupri and i love the video and love the song. There is no release date for their new album yet,but hopefully they will release their 'feelin you' music video to tv soon.

Number 3: Mariah Carey

There is a rumour that a new mariah carey album is coming out this year. If this is true,then this is awesome. Her last album she released in 2005 went 6x platinum in the usa which is incredible. I like how mariah carey has a good mixture of hiphop and r&B on her albums.

Number 4: Olivia

That right,olivia's album is coming out this year and myself and all her fans have been waiting ages for this. If you don't know who olivia is,she is from gunit. I don't know if her album will have all her previous songs on it or all new songs.I hope it has her old songs on it too,but if not,i'm still looking forward to this anyway.

Comment by centaurianz, on 25-Jan-2007 21:49

My predictions:

R&B releases for 2007

#1 Usher - Untitled
#2 Alicia Keys - Untitled
#3 Michael Jackson - Untitled
    (unlikely release for '07, but ya never know...)

Hip-Hop releases 2007

#1 50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct
#2 Eve - Here I Am
#3 Timbaland - Shock Value
#4 LL Cool J - Todd Smith 2 : Back 2 to Cool

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