can the myspace servers handle all the users and itunes suggestions

, posted: 24-Jan-2007 12:49


Over the past few months I have been enable to sign into myspace because I think they do not seem to have enough servers to handle all the users. Sometimes it takes me about 10minutes just to login to myspace. I have never had any problem logging into youtube,but I and many other people around the world have been having problems trying to login to myspace for months. I wish myspace would get more servers to handle the increased users.


The 2 big things the itunes music store does not sell yet are music dvds and photos. Yes they sell videos,but photos are still popular too. And we all still have to go to a retail store to buy music dvds. I wish itunes sold music dvds. I'm sure they could make it so when a user downloads a music dvd,all the dvd menu's will still be in place.

Comment by johnr, on 25-Jan-2007 14:07

I think you mean unable and maybe its not a server issue!! Could be bandwidth issue!! the list could go on

Comment by Zach, on 26-Jan-2007 19:58

Would anyone actually buy photos? What would be worth buying of a music store for a music player?

For the music dvd support, there would need to be an extra software update so that you can use the menus like you mention. Maybe they will add music dvds if when they get more requests and support.

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