Who will the pussycat dolls collaborate with for their new album?

, posted: 24-Jan-2007 12:44

With fans waiting for a new album from the all girl hiphop/rnb group the pussycat dolls, I thought I'd list the hiphop/rnb artists that I think they'll collaborate with on this album and why:

50cent-This hiphop/rnb artist has sold millions of albums worldwide and he has an album coming out this year so why wouldn't the pussycat dolls want to have 50cent on their album.

Busta Rhymes-Busta is on 'don't cha' and it went to number1 in alot of countries all around the world so I'm sure he'll be back again

Will.i.am- Produced the song 'beep' and it did well all over the world aswell and he did production of fergie's album which did very well too so I'm sure he'll be back.

Timbaland-Timbaland will be back aswell because he seems to be everywhere at the moment, like on justin timberlake's song,nelly furtado's song and on the pussycat dolls current song 'wait a minute'.

Jermaine Dupri-I reckon J.D will produce and rap on a pussycat dolls track because he is probably one of the best hiphop/rnb producers out there.

Snoop Dogg-With the success of 'buttons',which snoop dogg features on the remix,he will definetely be back because 'buttons' ft snoop dogg did so well all over the world.

Diddy-His album went to number1 on the billboard chart and he's had a big year and with nicole featured on diddy's 'come to me' track,i'm sure Diddy will be on the pussycat dolls album.

There is talk of Nicole scherzinger and/or the dolls collaborating with singer Prince on their new album. This would be the last person I would want pcd to collaborate with. He just doesn't suit the pcd's style. All the people who are on pcd's current album are rappers,and prince is not a rapper, so any songs he does with the pussycat dolls will not work.
 Prince's style is mostly
R&B/Funk/Rock/Experimental.The doll's music genres are Hiphop and R&B. I know alot of pcd fans that share the same view as me. Let us hope that the rumours are not true,and Prince is not going to appear on the new pussycat dolls album.
 Also regarding Nicole Schzerzinger's solo album. Let us hope that Chris Martin from coldplay is not featured on her album. Nicole's album is going to be hiphop and R&B,and chris martin music genres are Alternative Rock, post-grunge, Hard Rock.
 These different genre tracks on hiphop/rnb albums do not work. Look at the hiphop/rnb group the Black Eyed Peas. They had a collaboration with Jack johnson on their album,released it to radio, and it was a flop. It didn't even enter the billboard chart because black eyed peas fans are used to them being hiphop/rnb,and when you put a song of a different music genre,it just doesn't work.
 In conclusion,yes Prince has sold alot of albums,BUT putting him on the new pussycat dolls and or/nicole scherzinger's album,will be one less track I'd buy from itunes. If you have a hiphop/rnb group or artist,you should only have other hiphop/rnb artists on their album. Mixing rock artists with hiphop/rnb artists,just doesn't work.
 I did a poll on a pussycat dolls fansite asking if they'd like Prince to appear on the pussycat dolls new album. Out of 5125 votes,5120 people said they do NOT want Prince on the new pussycat dolls album.I am not surprised at the majority result.


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Wow this showed up in google news and it has been viewed so many times you won't believe it.

update 2:

Pussycat dolls website www.pcdmusic.com

It seems there is a problem with the pussycat dolls website www.pcdmusic.com. In the media section there used to be a photo gallery that had all the pussycat dolls photos from 2005 up until about 3 weeks ago. now there seems to be no photo gallery at all. What happened? Is this just an honest mistake from the person who handles the pussycat dolls website,or is there a reason behind it? I wish they put the photo gallery back with all the original photos in it.

Mine and alot of other people's suggestions I have received for the pussycat dolls official website:

Also,the free forum on their website has been "offline for maintainence" for over a year now. It's obvious that they took it down because it wasn't being moderated probably. fair enough. They should take away the FORUM button on the website(not the fanclub button,but the FORUM button),and instead replace this with a MYSPACE button which links directly to the pussycat dolls official myspace profile http://myspace.com/pussycatdolls
 All artists these days have their myspace music profile listed on their website as it give their fans a place to meet and talk and it also increases the profile views of the artist on myspace,thus giving them more exposure.

Also,in the MEDIA section on their site,it lists all there music videos,with links to watch them at aol or yahoo music. You cannot embed music videos on your website with aol or yahoo music. They should list their music videos like they do,and embed the music videos using YOUTUBE,which is probably the most popular player to watch music videos and it is available worldwire,not just in the usa like aol is,and you can watch as many videos as you want without signing in.
 So for example the pussycat dolls music videos should be listed with the TITLE then music video underneath and also the itunes link to buy the music video like this:

Pussycat dolls ft busta rhymes-Don't cha

"itunes link to buy here"

Pussycat dolls ft snoop dogg-Buttons

"itunes link to buy here"

Pussycat dolls ft will.i.am-Beep

"itunes link to buy here"
Pussycat dolls ft timbaland- Wait a minute

"itunes link to buy here"
Pussycat dolls-Stickwitu

"itunes link to buy here"
Pussycat dolls- I don't need a man


"itunes link to buy here"

They should also make all their music videos available in all itunes music stores around the world. My friend who lives in New Zealand told me a few days ago that the itunes New Zealand music store does NOT have these pussycat dolls music videos to buy:

Pussycat dolls ft snoop dogg-buttons
Pussycat dolls ft timbaland-wait a minute
Pussycat dolls ft will.i.am-beep

Also the song's music genres are incorrectly labelled in itunes. Don't cha is a hiphop song,but itunes incorrectly labelled it as the POP music genre when it's not. The 'buttons' song is also incorrectly labelled,it should say the 'Hiphop' music genre.'Beep' and 'wait a minute',should be labelled under the music genres 'hiphop&R&B' in itunes,but they are currently incorrectly labelled. I wish the PCD's record company would tell itunes to put the correct music genres for PCD's songs and music videos.

Pussycat dolls official paid fanclub:

There is a fanclub to join on the pussycat dolls website where you pay to join. I have been told that most of the videos in there are very old and some don't play anymore. There is no live chat room in there also. There needs to be regularly updated videos in there and also a live chatroom,and live chat sessions with at least one of the dolls every 6 months.
 Currently there is a free site called the "pussycat dolls music lounge' that has had a few live chats with the pussycat dolls over the past year,yet the official pussycat dolls fanclub that you pay for,has had NO live chats with the pussycat dolls ever,because it doesn't even have a live chatroom.
 Also,when signing up for this fanclub,there should be an option to signup without receiving a free pussycat dolls hoodie,because alot of people do not want to pay postage for this,so there should be an option to choose NOT to receive a free pussycat dolls hoodie when you signup to their fanclub.

If the pussycat doll's ever get a new website layout,I hope they preserve all their original photos and also preserve all the personal blog posts each individual doll has made since 2005.It would be shame if a new website layout deleted their blog posts.

Posted and written by me, Stacey1122

Comment by Young Ace, on 8-Feb-2007 12:16

Point Blank...............50cent is one of the best rappers of our time!

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