microsoft windows vista question for current pc owners+more

, posted: 28-Jan-2007 16:45

with windows vista being released in just hours in new zealand,there are alot unanswered questions about windows vista.One of them is, is there a tool from microsoft for users to check if there pc meets all the requirements for windows vista? an example, is how does one know if their graphics card they have had for a few years supports the aero graphic effects.

And i see on some retailers that have windows vista for sale,are stating that you need at least 1GB of ram to run windows vista,so hopefully all new computers that retailers sell, will have at least 1GB of ram now,because alot of pc's still come with 256mb of ram or 512mb of ram.

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Comment by freitasm, on 29-Jan-2007 16:53

I think this entry is more appropriate in the forums, where other people will be able to discuss more...


Comment by Nathan Mercer, on 29-Jan-2007 17:03

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

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