49th annual Grammy Awards -Should there be a 'pop' music genre award?

, posted: 10-Feb-2007 16:25

Looking through the 49th annual grammy awards nominee list,there are so many different artists from different music genres up for awards like, rap,r&B,rock,pop,electronic,metal etc.
 Now if you look at the nominees for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, you will see that 'pop' is being referred to as, popular music,not 'pop' as a music genre. Because in my opinion there is no 'pop' music genre,it simply means popular music.
 Some of the nominees in this group are the Black eyed peas for their song "my humps",and the pussycat dolls with their song "stickwitu".
 First of all 'my humps' is a hiphop song and belongs with the hiphop song nominees and the pussycat dolls song 'stickwitu' is an R&B song and it belongs with the R&B nominees.
 I think the pop music genre should not be there and the songs that seem to be in there should be put into their correct nominee categories.

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