Microsoft Windows vista dvd decoder update-Can't play dvd's on windows vista?

, posted: 10-Feb-2007 16:30

As you all know,only windows vista home premium and windows vista ultimate have a free dvd decoder installed so you can play dvd's on your pc or laptop.
 So if you have Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Business,you will not get a free dvd decoder,so you will not be able to play dvd's unless you have a dvd decoder that comes with your dvd writer that you bought. But alot of dvd writers these days,do not come with any dvd decoders,just the dvd burning software.
 Well i have been informed that if you cannot play dvd's and you do not want to have to purchase a 3rd party dvd decoder,then you can play dvd's using VLC media player which is free and i am told if works on windows vista(give it a go anyway).
 Go here and download it:

And come on Microsoft,make the free dvd decoder that you provide in some windows vista editions,available to all windows vista versions,and also make it available for all windows xp editions aswell.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 11-Feb-2007 23:41

When you buy a new PC it comes with DVD decoding software like PowerDVD or WinDVD. Same when you buy a new DVD drive so no PC with a DVD drive will be without a decoder.

I fail to see how this is an issue. No other version of Windows came with a DVD decoder. This is a bonus when you get one of the better Windows Vista editions.


Bradstewart,i bought a dvd writer a few months ago and it did not come with any dvd decoding software like powerdvd or windvd. i got nothing with it. just the nero burning software and nothing else.

Comment by Janice Fails, on 27-Feb-2007 16:41

Is there a way to get a dvd decoder for windows vista home basic.

Comment by 52tease, on 28-Feb-2007 06:31

Also, some vendor-supplied decoders/DVD software (Compaq's WINDVD, for example) are not yet compatible with Vista. What a sham!

Comment by arnoux, on 4-Mar-2007 12:28

I downloaded VLC media player for vista business but the sound is great, the introduction asking to press play but once started, no image come on.

Comment by Cambslad, on 10-Mar-2007 23:23

I have the same experience as Arnoux. Downloaded VLC ok, played intro no problem, good sound but no movie image..

Comment by 52tease, on 19-Mar-2007 11:40

Until your vendor updates their software to be Vista compatible (see my comment above) you could also try the the K-Lite Codec Pack with their media player classic.

More information here:

Comment by cgrxman, on 21-Mar-2007 05:00


"I fail to see how this is an issue. No other version of Windows came with a DVD decoder. This is a bonus when you get one of the better Windows Vista editions."

I have Windows Vista Business, and this is an issue. What if my employees want to use a training DVD? Windows Vista Business is a more expensive version than Home Premium. Is price how you define "better"?

I should've bought the cheaper version.

Comment by twebb, on 8-Apr-2007 21:12

I think Microsoft have got their heads wedged firmly where the sun don`t shine on this one !! As per the previous comment "bradstewart dated 5/3/07 " Vista Business is the more expensive option . Now to find out that some person has made the decision to not ship the decoder with the more expensive option is I think "marketing" with a difference!

Come on Microsoft - stop being a bunch of idiots and start dealing in the real world!

Vista is great - but after having spent 4 hours on the internet trying to find a decoder that works I am quite happy to go back to XP thanks all the same!

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