new timbaland album -my comments before it is even released!

, posted: 16-Feb-2007 18:52

I have just found out the new timbaland album is called "shock value".He is calling it this beacuse he wants a new type of sound. He has a rock band called 'the hives' on there and a punk band called 'fall out boy".

I am still a huge timbaland fan,but i am disappointed he is going to have rock and punk on his hiphop/rnb album. I bet all the fans at will be talking about this. The majority of people who listen to hiphop and R&B(me included),do not like rock or punk music at all.

And with timbaland being around for a long time and releasing many albums, I like his style and his sound and now he is going to mix hiphop with punk and rock. Bring back the real hiphop. Hiphop and R&B should not be mixed with other music genres.

The good thing is, now that everyone has itunes,we can just download the songs we like from timbaland's album,and for me and i'm sure every hiphop/rnb artist in the world,that will mean just buying the hiphop/rnb songs off timbaland's new album. I won't be buying the songs that have a mixture of hiphop and rock and punk.

Keep hiphop/rnb albums fully 100% hiphop and R&B.

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