the youtube and viacom story

, posted: 18-Feb-2007 15:19

Viacom told youtube to remove copywrited videos from it's site which youtube did. It seems other tv studios are telling youtube to remove it's content also. And I hear that youtube is handing over the usernames of users who upload copywrited content.
 Here is a simple solution to the problem. Why doesn't youtube just arrange deals with viacom and other companies, where viacom and other companies put their videos on youtube and they get some advertising revenue from it? Because some tv shows have been put on youtube by the copywright holder,and the viewership of that tv show increased.
 And music videos on youtube help out musicians, because when a person views the music video and they like the song,they'll probably go out and purchase that artist's album or song.
 All tv studios should put daily highlights of their tv shows(not the full show) onto youtube for people to watch.

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