microsoft internet explorer 7 (IE7) taken off critical windows updates

, posted: 22-Feb-2007 12:26

As you know, microsoft internet explorer 7 (IE7) has been taken off critical windows updates. So you won't get an automatic forced update to update to IE7.
 I think this is the wrong step. Internet explorer 7 has many new security tools like stopping active x controls from automatically running,having a phishing filter,and an inbuilt popup blocker.
 IE7 is now only an optional update. There is going to be alot more people benefiting from having IE7 in the critical automatic updates,than putting it in optional updates. I have IE7,and have had no problems at all like alot of people I know.
 Microsoft should read it's IE7 newsgroups and see what problems people are having with IE7,and release a fix to fix these problems,but it shouldn't have put IE7 into optional updates.It should put it back into Critical updates.

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Comment by johnr, on 23-Feb-2007 17:46

OK Bill

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