apple itunes payment methods and iphone

, posted: 22-Feb-2007 12:37

Wouldn't it be great if you could use your mobile phone to pay for your purchases on itunes or any other music download service like snopcap etc? 
 It seems very easy to me for apple itunes to have this feature. Users should be able to choose mobile phone as a payment method,then they would have to enter their mobile phone number in International format(itunes should give them an example and list country codes),and then itunes would send a text message for the mobile phone that contains an activation code that users have to enter during the purchase process,then once they purchase from itunes,itunes should either deduct from the prepaid balance,or if the user has a post-paid plan,add the amount to their post-paid bill.
 This would eliminate the need for credit cards that alot of people do not have.Other music download servicees should do this too.They should still have credit card payment as an option,but add mobile phone payments.It should be available to all countries who have itunes.
 With apple having to decide which carriers will carry it's iphone,surely at the same time they could work with all mobile phone operators around the world to enable mobile payment with itunes.
 And i have just read apple and cisco are going to share the iphone name. finally they sorted it out. I'm still hoping apple will release a 3G version of their anyway,it's great they chose to use quad band gsm,because cdma is not used that much around the world and some mobile phone handset makers aren't making cdma mobile phones anymore.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 23-Feb-2007 22:11

why would telecom or vodafone work with itunes to create a mobile payment for itunes when itunes is a direct competitor? anyone can get a credit card to pay itunes, google the words 'prezzy card'

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