Godaddy domain name registrar review

, posted: 15-Apr-2007 14:05

I am going to review Godaddy,which is a domain name registrar.

Godaddy is probably the most popular domain name registrar in the world and it offers alot of addons for your domain name which is great. It also offers web hosting with shared and dedicated servers.
 Saying all this,there are a few things Godaddy can improve on.

1-It should give private domain name registration,which is whois protection,for free with every domain name to it's customers.Currently you have to pay $6.99 extra for private registration for your domain name.If you compare this with another domain name registrar,they give you whois protection for free with every domain name.

2-If you join web hosting forums and ask the question on whether you should use godaddy's dedicated servers for advanced web hosting,almost everyone there will tell you not to use godaddy for this because their servers are too complicated to install things on.

Overall I give Godaddy a rating of 5/10. I would have given it 8/10 if it gave it's customers free whois protection with every domain name.

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