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Xnet is GOOD!

, posted: 27-Apr-2007 13:37

I flicked across to Xnet 2 weeks ago now and I can't believe the difference in performance.  Previously on Xtra 1GB plan for $39.95/ month, now I receive 5.86GB for the same price/ same connection speed!

I've also found that my connection rarely drops - it used to drop 2-3 times a day (on average) while on Xtra (although we never got to the bottom of the why it dropped). 

Only thing I can ping xnet for is their support hours:
8am-8pm Monday-Friday -> needs to be later IMHO.
10am-4pm Saturday-Sunday -> needs to be later IMHO.

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Comment by maverick, on 27-Apr-2007 18:45

Nice to receive good comments now and then, as for support hours it's under review

Comment by Alan, on 1-May-2007 23:59

Slingshot is better!

Author's note by stevonz, on 3-May-2007 13:19

Why is it better?  Price?  Speed?

Have you used Xnet?

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