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Joost for you too...

, posted: 3-May-2007 12:38

As per the Joost press, if you want an invite to Joost, please PM me with your email address & I'll zoom you an invite.

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Comment by Maddox, on 3-May-2007 13:59

Could I pretty please get an invite?

Comment by Ted Overturf, on 3-May-2007 15:14

Thank you in advance for the Joost Invite.

Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA

Comment by simdav1, on 3-May-2007 16:22

Can you please send me a joost invite? thanks in advance.

Comment by Uriel, on 3-May-2007 16:39


Comment by mike, on 3-May-2007 17:30

Could you please send me a joost invite? Thanks in advance.

Comment by Dane, on 3-May-2007 17:35


I'm reeeeeeeeally interested in a Joost invitation so that I can provide feedback for their Mac product.

I appreciate your consideration.

Comment by Patricia, on 3-May-2007 18:04

Thank You!!!

Comment by aaron, on 3-May-2007 19:46

Could I get a hold of an invite?


Comment by steve, on 3-May-2007 20:28

Any chance of an invite?

Author's note by stevonz, on 3-May-2007 20:38

All invites that have been requested have been sent...

Author's note by stevonz, on 3-May-2007 20:44


I'll send you an invite in my next batch - tomorrow or Saturday.

Cheers, Stevo

Comment by jakozza, on 3-May-2007 22:26

hi all, if anyone can invite me, thanks a bunch

my mail: jakozza {^a t^} gmail [.d0t.] com

Comment by Mukesh, on 3-May-2007 23:11

any scope for me please?

send me an invite please. thanks a ton


Comment by Jaume Fons, on 3-May-2007 23:19

Could I get a hold of an invite?


Comment by Jaume Fons, on 3-May-2007 23:21

Could I get a hold of an invite?


Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 3-May-2007 23:49

Please may I have an invite to Joost?  It looks interesting! :)


Comment by Flow, on 4-May-2007 02:44


FlorianSalbrechter *at*

Thank you so much

Comment by George Caiens, on 4-May-2007 03:35


I believe that the Joost project is a tremendous concept. It has unlimited revenue advertisement potential. It is a win/win for all parties!

The only down-side is that IPS's may limit or restrict band-width for thier clients.

I would appreciate a Joost Invitation.

Thank-You for your consideration in this request.

Have a good day!


Comment by Everton Sousa, on 4-May-2007 04:47

Hello! Could you please send me an invite too?

Thanks in advance

Comment by Joostkid, on 4-May-2007 05:24

Hey guys,

I found this cool site that has free unlimited Joost invites, just go to and ask in the live support.

Enjoy, :)

Comment by CleanGene17, on 4-May-2007 07:36

Can I also get an invite?



Comment by mortonman, on 4-May-2007 08:15

Could you send me an invite please. This platform might bite into the p2p stuff if it is up to date programing.



Comment by Jim, on 4-May-2007 12:33

an invite would be awesome !!

take care


Author's note by stevonz, on 5-May-2007 09:22

Everyone that has requested an invite has been sent one...


Comment by nordin, on 5-May-2007 23:08

Please send me an invite.Thank you.

Author's note by stevonz, on 6-May-2007 20:30

Nordin, will send you an invite tomorrow

Comment by louis, on 8-May-2007 21:21

Please , please can I get an invite.


Author's note by stevonz, on 9-May-2007 08:08

Hi Louis (& Nordin), been busy - will forward invites to you tomight (NZ time).

Author's note by stevonz, on 10-May-2007 08:37

Hi Louis & Nordin, invites have been forwarded to you as requested.


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