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Language and children

, posted: 7-Aug-2007 10:20

I am one of those people that don't really get offended by anything.  Don't get me wrong, I can get annoyed, angry mad but don't get the point in taking offence where other people may do so.  Especially in this world with way too much political correctness.

I have 2 girls.  One is 7 weeks old and doesn't even understand English, let alone know what language is.  And I have a VERY clever 22 month old.  She can mimic/ copy most words first attempt and hold down a decent conversation.  One of the first words she learnt was 'bugger'.  I'll take the credit for that.  I think its cute, and she even says it within the correct context, which make its even more cute! 

My wife doesn't quite see things as I do.

Another word she loves uses is 'bogies'.  I'll take the credit for that too!  My wife doesn't like it, but what else can you call them?  Snot?  Nose goblins? Dried Mucus??  I mean there are far worst words: like the F-word and the hold-your-breath C-word (I actually smile when I hear this pop-in on The Sopranos).

She is going to hear and say these words eventually.  I just hope I can guide her in the use of her language under the correct circumstances.

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