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I got PS3

, posted: 17-Oct-2007 08:52

Hey hey, I used my Jedi mind-tricks on the wife to get her to agree to buy a PS3... as a media centre of course *cough cough*

Completed the basic setup, just need to connect media content via DLNA & I'll let you know how I get on.

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Comment by chiefie, on 17-Oct-2007 09:04

The NZ$799 40GB PS3 is a good price for DLNA setup and BluRay player, however for the time being, the gaming side of PS3 isn't it strongest point as yet. May change eventually as more titles become available.

As media centre, it is great! It certainly is giving Xbox360 Premium/Elite a good run since it is priced similarly to either, with HDMI connection. Currently only Elite and Halo3 limited edition have it, Premium and Arcade/Core version should have it pretty soon whenever we get it in NZ (other area, Arcade - which replaces Core - is available for sale now).

Author's note by stevonz, on 17-Oct-2007 09:12

I bought mine 2nd hand as I wanted the 60GB edition with BC...

Comment by sbiddle, on 17-Oct-2007 09:32

I wonder how many 40GB units are being returned when people realise all their PS2 stuff doesn't work?

Sony are smoking something that's doing bad things.

Comment by vee, on 17-Oct-2007 10:35

it's likely most people have a ps2 and backwards compat will NOT be an issue plus people won't be playing it for the ps2 games, games should improve this year.

Comment by steve_116_, on 17-Oct-2007 11:06

i have a 60gb ps3 and yes its good to play ps2 games but the 40gb is heaps cheaper! like 300$ or so. and ne way they will put a ps2 emulator into in to 1 of the firmware up dates.

The 60gb ps3 has a software emulator, its not hardware so its not like it would b hard to give to the 40gb ps3

Comment by chiefie, on 17-Oct-2007 12:08

Software emulation is highly possible but somehow, in many reports, Sony is spending more in trying to play it too generally, and costing them too much. cutting back on PS2 Emotion Engine is step one and replace it with emulation, removing the last PS2 hardware component (graphic synthersiser) will ultimately cut all PS2 support, unless they utilise Cell to emulate PS2's missing 2 chips. Which I doubt it will be optimised to give on-par experience as hybrid emulation of PAL 60GB PS3 has.

Beside, the cost of patching BC PS2 titles costing Sony where they could better use their resources to concentrate on making PS3 titles, which they heavily lacking at the moment.

So don't expect to see full or any BC support on pure-PS3 40GB model. And bear in mind, PS2 titles are ultimately be exclusively for PS2, and PS3 tiltes for PS3, and with ever-still-so-strong sales of PS2, Sony may eventually keep making it to satisfy cheap console-gaming. Also, PS2 development is only just fully realised and optimised and highly-tuned over the last few years, more developers are excelling in developing for PS2 today, despite PS3 has greater technical capabilities.

read my blog post about 40GB PS3 and my view on the BC support for Sony PS2 in the future.

Comment by COol., on 17-Oct-2007 12:46

Awesome man, hope you enjoy the PS3!

Best console to buy : )

Comment by lugh, on 17-Oct-2007 12:53

Stevo, you jammy sod!  I wish Her Indoors wasn't immune to Jedi mind tricks

Comment by Gigs, on 17-Oct-2007 13:06

Sheesh Chiefie, If you're buying a PS3 to play PS2 games, then you misread the number on the box. ;P

BC is a nice feature but since we never got the emotion engine[1] as with the UK region, then you either buy one with BC because you never had a PS2 or, buy a PS2 and a container full of games for the same price. (If you're buying a Ps3 to be on the edge of consoles then you accept it for what it is, a multifunction console that is also a gaming machine that programmers are getting used to, the same happened with the PS2, i'm surprised peoples memories are so short)

Me, i've ordered a PS3. Course I also bought God of war 1 & 2 for the PS2, if they have any issues with the BC I won't worry, i'll just borrow a PS2. They're as common as muck anyhow. (And not really that expensive either)

For my own uses, a media center, and a streaming portal for my PSP are right up there. Games as well, especially when wipeoutHD comes out.

As for games, well there's plenty of cross platform ones coming out, exclusives may be a little thinner, but that's not too much of a worry either. :)

Just wondering myself if the homebrew scene will take off like it did on the PSP.

Comment by Grover, on 17-Oct-2007 13:07

Software emulation for PS2 is already available on the 40GB PS3 :) However it is limited, many games work on it though (the game I helped make does!! AMRTS ;) ). There is likelihood in future firmare updates that the emulator will improve - there are people contracted to continually work on this (a good friend is one of them).

The fact is, the 40GB machine is only an 'interim' model in any case. It will be around for 1-2 years.. by then GS manufacturing in combination with the Cell will be much less costly, and thus the 60GB/80GB will again become the only machine on sale.

To understand this, you need only to look at what happened to the 20GB. The 60GB/80GB machines are _complete_ PS3's, with memcards, 4 USB's and good PS2 compatibility, so they will remain.

The 40GB machine is a great buy for people who want to get and play with some great games (there are over 60 games out now - so please quit the BS "waiting for games thing"). Also you can buy a game from any region and play it too - so dont complain about none in your region.. visit ebay.. or order from Amazon. So the 40GB gets alot of PS2 people to get access to what is normally an expensive machine.. and think about it, you still have your PS2 anyway.. for playing older games so whats your problem?

Comment by Gigs, on 17-Oct-2007 13:07

oops [1] unless you parallel imported one, or took advantage of the high US dollar to get one cheap. :)

Comment by chiefie, on 17-Oct-2007 15:44

Gigs, there are some of us that would prefer to consolidate existing devices/consoles, hence the BC. Also, Sony was very huge with promise to deliver full BC with PS1 and PS2 when they announced PS3 a year ago, but we were sold-short of that promise.

I'm no problem to get either BC or non-BC PS3, but I'm not going to get PS3 at this moment of time because I don't think it is yet satisfy my needs yet.

As I've outlined in my blog post, that if one wants to get a cheap BluRay player with PS3 gaming capability and DLNA, 40GB is the bargain. Otherwise, if one wants to get a PS3 to consolidate all their existing PlayStation* games, and with BluRay player and DLNA feature, then full feature PS3 would be their only choice, however the price for 60GB is hard to swallow even if it seems quite a value pack.

Comment by daniel, on 14-Feb-2008 04:42

i brought 2 ps2 games from the us and i cant play them because of the region differance. ls there any way to get them to go on my new zealand ps3

Author's note by stevonz, on 14-Feb-2008 13:49

yes, I think so... check out PS3Hax 

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