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, posted: 18-Oct-2007 10:10

After completing the basic setup, I have managed to connect media content from my laptop via DLNA.  I'm pretty sure that my Vaio has its own DLNA media sharing tool, but when I played with this a couple years back it didn't seem to work & I had no need for it.  So, I  followed the basic instructions for DLNA with Windows Media Player 11

1. Start Windows Media Player 11
2. Select [Media Sharing] from the [Library] menu.
3. Check [Share media].
4. From the list of devices under the [Share media] checkbox, select the PS3 device, and then select [Allow].
5. Select [OK].

Setup for the DLNA Media Server is completed.  How hard is that!!?

What I also want to achieve is migrate and/ or play some media (mp3's, avi's) from a portable USB HDD.  I am having issues here since the PS3 isn't recognising any data.  I see from the help files that 'An appropriate USB adaptor (not included) is required to use storage media with some models.'  But I can't find any accessories that appear to cater for this -> will ask this question in the forums...

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Comment by chiefie, on 18-Oct-2007 10:39

DLNA devices are very easy to set up given the usage of UPnP discovery built into many devices these days.

Comment by BLOODRED6366, on 19-Oct-2007 16:38

If you are planning to use the PS3 as a media centre to play your collection of pirated movies in xvid format you are going to have to transcode the movies on the fly with program called tversity.

Comment by BLOODRED6366, on 19-Oct-2007 16:41

Also you can't stream anything to ps3 from an external HDD yet. You can only copy the files across to the ps3 then play them. ie mp3'

If you really wanted a media center (looks like u just wanted a ps3 =)) you would have got a modded xbox with XboxMediaCentre.

Lets hope Xbox360 FALL update has support for xvid.

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