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, posted: 6-Aug-2006 09:48

i'm finding input on my palm cumbersome. back last century, i studied @ CIT, and had a Philips Nino winCe PDA. I was very very fast at that "JOT" input. Then phillips bowed out of the pda market, and i found myself with a job writing VisC++ apps for "PocketPC". there were lotsa Compaq iPaqs, but they were HUGE, and fUgly. I stumbled past a pda+gadget store on Featherston street. At first it was really hard to get service (a problem i still have in tech store).. when i did get someone willing to let me touch the gadgets, i fell inlove with the Tungsten T. i think it was mostly the bluetooth - something nobody else knew about but me ;-) - and was on my Ericsson T39 all unused at this point. so i walked away with the gorgeoous 4MByte PDA with palmos, and that nifty slider that made it a tiny pocketable gadget. It fit well in my girly hands, unlike those monstrous ipaqs i used at work. it was then i discovered palm's grafiti input. I had to learn it. i couldn't modify it to fit the letters i learned in primer one. but - i was 19 years old and learned quickly enough. The one stylus stroke = one character is elegant. it means that shortcuts in applications can be brough up with a single stroke, without the char input software waiting to see if there's a second stroke to this letter. i got a "wired" keybaord for the "Palm Universal Connector" for doing some serious writing, and realised i didn't need a laptop. To this day i have never owned a laptop. eventually my TT died. it took 3 years to do so, but i looked for a T2 to replace it and could not find one. It was with some sadness i brough a T3 instead. The LifeDrive has just been released but it didn't fit in the "Pocketable" requirements. The T3's input characters had all changed. It was supposedly the same as the old winCE jot, according to the mailing lists, but that wasn't true. doing an L followed by a space, you have to pause for a good second or more, otherwise you end up with the letter T. It really breaks up the flow of my thoughts to words process. Also, the "Palm Universal Connector" turn out to be less than universal, and so i had to buy another keyboard. I got the Palm Universal Keyboard (they like the U word, don't they?). It's infared, so i supposed it might be around for a while. But it's flimsy, and worst of all it's got this delicate ribbon cable exposed and being folded and pinched every time i open it. It's already beginning to fail and i blame the ribbon cable. Good thing i got a 3 year warrunty from DSE. These days i have a TX. At some stage i switched my desktop(s) to Linux, and pocketPC to linux syncing has only just become usuable. I brought the TX the same day it arrived in NZ - my other half had a job at Noel Leemings, and staff discounts are delicious! The IR keyboard is still with me. but input without the keyboard is what i do most. a quick note while in the supermaket, or running across willis street, or waiting for someone at telecom to let me in the TeRenCo elevator :-) and it's cumbersome.. it's no good. it's not thoughts to word speed that i could do on the Nino. Maybe i'm getting old.

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Comment by Fernando Cassia, on 7-Aug-2006 20:26

Funny thing is... PalmSource -after being sued by Xerox- got perpetual rights for the original "Graffity" that you -and I, I admit- loved so much. See below: "Palm's co-defendants, including its PalmSource, a subsidiary of Access Co. and 3Com will receive a full and unconditional release from the litigation, and each is entitled to a fully paid-up license to the Unistrokes patent, Palm said." So the question is, when is Access going to release a "Graffiti update" to all Palm OS device owners? FC

Author's note by taniwha, on 7-Aug-2006 22:35

I've discovered "TealScript", which give me configurable strokes - and the default config is just like Grafiti yay!

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