google are watching pdas closely

, posted: 18-Aug-2006 11:29

If you're using a phone or pda, you're probably using instead of the usual

something changed in google search recently.

previously, you entered your search term, choose a result, and then you were off to anoter website.

this changed. You now enter your search term, and get a result set.. but the links on the result page do not link to the other websites.
Search for "plogit", and instead of going to ""
google will send you to ""

And from then on it's proxying everything.

i had no idea they were doing this. On most gadgets the address bar is hidden to save screen space.

I noticed because their proxy doesn't do non-display responses welll. e.g. i followed a link to a file that was content-type application/zip, and the proxy told me the content could not be displayed.

The only way to escape is to grab the proxy url, strip the start, and then decode the url encoded strings.. it just isn't really practical to escape the proxy at all.

So, if i search for something on my palm (which is my primary machine), from then on google will be watching me.

and , if i search for something, then try a download, it doesn't work.

Google really do want to see everything we do.

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Comment by freitasm, on 18-Aug-2006 11:59

If you are using Google on a PDA they will reformat the destination page to fit a reduced screen size. If you don't want this then you have a Preferences setting where you can change which Google version you want on your PDA (I guess they plant a cookie).


Comment by paradoxsm, on 18-Aug-2006 23:08

the core REAL google page is it works on all devices I threw at it, even mid-range wap 2.0 phones. this ecsapes the horrors of /xhtml and /pda or do what I did and make pocketie detect as Msie 6.0 WinNT 4.0 (posted from harrier) bonus! gmail works too!

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